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BigRep Launches High-Speed PRO HS Filament

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  • BigRep Pro HS Filament reduces printing time by up to 50 percent
  • No machine modification necessary
  • Ideal for large format objects and prototypes

Cost-efficient production is essential in times of smart production. With Pro HS, the Berlin-based technology start-up BigRep brings a unique printing filament to the market. The innovative material reduces production times in 3D printing by up to 50 percent and makes additive manufacturing more efficient and cost-effective for companies.

The BigRep Pro HS Filament is, in addition to the high-temperature-resistant filament Pro HT, the second product of the BigRep “Industrial Filament” line. The mechanical properties and also the printability of Pro HS are similar to those of PLA, but the material is somewhat more robust and has twice the flowability. The production of this non-oil-based biopolymer is also much more environmentally compatible than that of ABS plastics. The raw materials come from sustainable and renewable resources.

Pro HS can be used in various industrial areas, but is particularly suitable for printing large-format objects and prototypes. “With the BigRep Pro HS Filament we have developed a versatile material. In addition to the significantly reduced printing time, a major advantage of the product is that machines do not need to be modified for the application. It can be used on both new and older BigRep models. Especially when working with our large-format printers BigRep ONE and BigRep STUDIO, we offer our customers a flexible, complete solution for the most diverse requirements”, explains René Gurka, CEO of BigRep GmbH.

BigRep Pro HS Filament is available in natural and basalt colors. Both paints are matt after extrusion and give the objects a refined look – even at large layer heights. On request, the color can be customized.
The BigRep Filament Pro HS is now available in the three coil sizes 2.5 kg, 4.5 kg and 8 kg in 2.85mm diameter in the BigRep-Onlineshop.

BigRep Pro HS Filament – Technical Data:

Material: BioPolymer
Density: 1.4 g / cm³
Diameter: 2.85 mm
Print Temperature Guideline: 170 – 210 ° C
Heating Bed: 0 – 60 ° C
Heat Distortion Temperature (ISO 75): 48 ° C
Tensile Strength (ISO 527): 43 MPa
Impact Strength (ISO 179): 59 KJ / m²
Flexural Modulus (ISO 178): 3500 MPa

About BigRep:

BigRep is a technology start-up with headquarters in Berlin and offices in New York and Singapore. One of the groundbreaking developments of the company founded in 2014 is the BigRep ONE, which is supplemented by the smaller BigRep STUDIO. Interdisciplinarity and well-founded experience in the field of additive production characterize the multi-national team of BigRep, now more than 60 employees. In addition to new products, the Berlin Kreuzberger company is now concentrating on complete solutions for industrial customers in the form of integrated additive manufacturing systems. Such as the continuous printing project with TNO, which was announced in Autumn 2016. The aim of the highly innovative engineering company is to revolutionize design, prototyping and industrial production from the ground up. Over the next five years, BigRep intends to become a leading international supplier of additive manufacturing systems.

For further information as well as picture and video material please contact:

Maik Dobberack
PR & Kommunikation
BigRep GmbH
T +49 30 208 4826-38
E [email protected]

More information:


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3D Printing The Next Five Years by René Gurka CEO and co-founder of BigRep

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This is a guest post in our series looking at the future of 3D Printing. To celebrate 5 years of reporting on the 3D printing industry, we’ve invited industry leaders and 3D printing experts to give us their perspective and predictions for the next 5 years and insight into trends in additive manufacturing.

René Gurka is the CEO and co-founder of BigRep. Headquartered in Berlin-Kreuzberg, with offices in Brooklyn and Singapore, he has been actively involved in the future of additive manufacturing together with his international interdisciplinary team for the last three years.

3D Printing: The Next Five Years – Industrial 3D Manufacturing is the Ultimate Goal

If you want to look at the future of 3D printing, it is worthwhile looking back in time; additive manufacturing has been around for about 30 years. But only in the past five years has it gained this big recognition. The promise was: everyone can print objects at home with a 3D printer and become a designer. “We wanted people to 3D print anything” said 3D industry pioneer Bre Pettis in 2013. But these high expectations have not been fully realized. Except for a few talented individuals, home use of 3D printers has not hit the mainstream. The reason is simple: most of us lack the necessary design and construction understanding to be able to use the devices productively, or the skills to create the necessary digital data at home.

Traditional Production will be Disrupted

The question arises that if this vision was wrong, what is the realistic development in next five years in 3D printing? For BigRep, the answer is clear: the focus will shift from individual users to industrial production. And by this I do not mean the production of prototypes, because this is already firmly established, especially with large manufacturers. The trend is rather towards automated additive production. 3D printing will become an integral part of industrial production and the traditional production process will change disruptively. This is made possible by the close interaction between software and cloud services, materials and robotics in additive manufacturing (AM). Similar to 3D printing, these have undergone an enormous development in recent years.

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Klöckner & Co invests in technology startup BigRep

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  • Strategic investment as part of international financing round
  • 3D Printing matches Klöckner & Co´s portfolio ideally
  • Klöckner & Co continues to systematically drive forward digitalization strategy

Klöckner & Co has invested in technology startup BigRep via its venture capital subsidiary kloeckner.v. Klöckner & Co’s upfront investment before the conclusion of the ongoing international Series B financing round for BigRep GmbH marks its entry into the future market of additive manufacturing. BigRep designs and produces the world’s largest 3D printer and provides consulting for additive manufacturing system solutions. Alongside the financial investment, Klöckner & Co plans to use BigRep’s industrial 3D printers in its extensive European and US site network going forward. This market segment has a promising outlook, with an annual growth rate of around 20 percent expected by 2020.

“The systematic emphases of our Klöckner & Co 2020 strategy are digitalizing the supply and value chain as well as boosting higher value-added products and services,” says Gisbert Rühl, Chairman of the Management Board of Klöckner & Co SE. “Our investment in BigRep targets both elements of the strategy, paving the way to our participation in a highly promising growth market.”

“We expect digitalization to radically alter traditional value chains,” says René Gurka, CEO of BigRep GmbH. “Together with Klöckner & Co – the pioneer of digitalization in the steel industry – as our strategic partner, we aim to exploit this trend as we move forward.”

About Klöckner & Co:
Klöckner & Co is one of the largest producer-independent distributors of steel and metal products and one of the leading steel service center companies worldwide. Based on its distribution and service network of around 190 locations in 13 countries, the Group supplies more than 130,000 customers. In addition to companies in the construction industry as well as machinery and mechanical engineering, Klöckner & Co serves customers in the automotive and chemical industry, in shipbuilding and in fields of household appliances, consumer goods and energy. Currently Klöckner & Co has around 9,100 employees. The Group had sales of around €5.7 billion in fiscal 2016.

The shares of Klöckner & Co SE are admitted to trading on the regulated market segment (Regulierter Markt) of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Frankfurter Wertpapierbörse) with further post-admission obligations (Prime Standard). Klöckner & Co shares are listed in the SDAX®- Index of Deutsche Börse.
ISIN: DE000KC01000; WKN: KC0100; Common Code: 025808576.

About BigRep:
BigRep is a tech startup headquartered in Berlin with offices in New York and Singapore. The pioneering developments of the company founded in 2014 include BigRep ONE, which is complemented by the smaller BigRep STUDIO. BigRep’s multinational team has since grown to over 60 employees with interdisciplinary expertise and in-depth experience in additive manufacturing. As well as new products, the company based in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district today focuses on end-to-end solutions for industrial customers in the form of integrated additive manufacturing systems. One example is the TNO project, which was launched in fall 2016. The highly innovative engineering enterprise aims to revolutionize design, prototyping and industrial production worldwide from the ground up. BigRep’s goal is to become a leading global supplier of additive manufacturing systems within the next five years.

For further information as well as pictures and video material please contact:

Maik Dobberack
PR & Communication
BigRep GmbH
T +49 (0) 30 208 4826-38
E [email protected]

For Klöckner & Co SE:

Christian Pokropp
Head of Corporate Communications
Klöckner & Co SE
T + 49 (0) 203-307-2050
E [email protected]
Christina Kolbeck
Investor Relations & Sustainability
Klöckner & Co SE
T + 49 (0) 203-307-2122
E [email protected]

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Announcing a Major UI Update (v. 0.7.1 ) 

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Dear BigRep Customers and fans. After several months of work, internal tests and testing together with our alpha customer, we are happy to announce a new UI with a new back-end from BigRep. With the upcoming  release of the STUDIO, we have decided standardize on a new look and a new control system that can work across multiple product families.

The most visible change is that we are using modern web technologies and design guides for making a clear and easy interface. To do this we have also adjusted to using Octoprint as the back-end of our new UI. This also means that we will validate and use more existing tools for the interface when they exist. This also allows us to put custom technologies in private plug ins; and means less time doing small bugfixes and boilerplate work, and more time making product-specific features.  Furthermore is the new UI also simpler easier to use and much more stable than our old UI that we have been delivered with the printer for the last years.

Existing BigRep ONE.3 customers (The new UI is not yet available for the 1.2)  that would like to update, please contact [email protected] to schedule a phone or Skype call with our software team. We want to make sure you have all of your questions answered, since this is a somewhat major update! To download a new manual, please go to the support portal, and download  the updated manual here (login required).

New BigRep ONE.3 machines (Shipped from May 2017 on), and our new STUDIO machine will ship with the new software by default.

Here is a shot-list of new features:

  • • Resume from power outage
  • • Better/clearer UI
  • • Built-in software update tool
  • • Improve path-planning firmware, 10% machine speed improvement
  • • Once a print is completed, exact print-time logged for future display
  • • Local network Web UI for loading files and tracking print progress
  • • Easier pre-heat and configuration options.
  • • … and lots lots more !

Contact us to book your upgrade spot today: [email protected]

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BigRep acquires NOWlab and starts 3D print innovation consulting for materials and applications

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Renowned pioneers for digital technologies and processes Jörg Petri and Daniel Büning become part of BigRep and directors of the innovation department at the Berlin tech start-up.


High performance, functionally integrated, multifunctional and resource-friendly – in the field of large-scale 3D printing it is less about the hardware and software but more about the materials used and the resulting applications that have the greatest development potential. This is why BigRep, developer and manufacturer of the world’s largest serial 3D printer, has brought on board Jörg Petri and Daniel Büning, two renowned pioneers in disruptive digital technologies from the interdisciplinary design studio NOWlab. Under the name of [email protected], Petri and Büning are now responsible for innovation in materials and applied research to develop cross-sector customized applications at the Berlin based tech start-up.

“With [email protected] we can utilize our many years of experience in research, development and
design in using new, generative manufacturing methods. The additive manufacturing is only at the
beginning of its development – we’re therefore delighted that this technology can now be actively
pursued with our partners from industry and academia to jointly develop relevant application
scenarios. We understand our business as “New Digital Craft”, says Jörg Petri, Director of Innovation
& Applications at BigRep.

René Gurka, CEO of BigRep: “We have often worked successfully in the last 18 months with Jörg and
Daniel. With the acquisition of the NOWlab, the BigRep Campus in Berlin is currently growing at
over 1500 m2 with more than 60 employees. With this step, we are investing heavily in the growing
field of future consultation and closing a gap in the digital knowledge transfer within the field of 3D

“With [email protected] our internal innovation work takes an enormous step forward and will
contribute to the many collaborative projects we are already engaged in with industrial partners,
research institutions and universities. In addition to conducting research into the current
generation of devices, we endeavor to develop solutions that address business-related challenges
and satisfy our core business. This includes, for example, the combination of additive
manufacturing and robotics”, added Daniel Büning, Director of Innovation & Research at BigRep.

We would like to invite you – in addition to a personal factory tour – to a personal interview with
Jörg Petri and Daniel Büning or BigRep CEO René Gurka to hear more about the company, relevant
developments in materials and applications, and to learn more about the 3D printing industry. If
you are interested, please contact the press office: [email protected].

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BigRep Opens US Headquarters in New York and Continues Strong US Growth

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BigRep America Inc., located in the interdisciplinary New Lab in Brooklyn, is pursuing its goal of servicing the US market even better

BigRep, the developer and manufacturer of the world’s largest serial 3D printer, is pushing ahead with its international expansion plans by opening a new location in Brooklyn, New York City, in addition to Berlin and Singapore. The Berlin-based technology start-up has now established BigRep America Inc., which is represented by its own branch office in New Lab, an interdisciplinary co-working space in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, which is very popular with technology and industry start-ups. The New Lab specializes in networking entrepreneurs of cutting edge technologies such as robotics, artificial intelligence and 3D printing. The goal of BigRep America Inc. is to take advantage of the potential for growth and innovation in this dynamic environment and to better serve the growing US market..

“When we got the chance to become a part of the New Lab in Brooklyn, we were immediately excited and enthusiastic because the location fits perfectly for us and our history. Our head office in Berlin-Kreuzberg and our representative office in Brooklyn unites both one-time important industrial locations. We are very proud to be able to make a significant contribution with our 3D printing solutions, putting both locations once again at the forefront of the manufacturing industry. Our plan is to expand the team at BigRep America Inc. in the coming years to 50 employees. In addition to our established offices in Singapore and Berlin, New York City is an integral pillar supporting our international expansion strategy,” says René Gurka, CEO of BigRep.

Eric L. Adams, Brooklyn Borough President, added, “The partnership between BigRep and New Lab is another milestone in the journey we began two years ago, a journey to bring Brooklyn closer with tech hubs around the world and therefore help Brooklyn companies to expand and bringing dynamic, new enterprises from around the world to our borough. I am excited for the potential growth and innovation that this latest collaboration will foster.”

Gurka elaborates further on goals: “For the next few years, we will be stepping up our US operations in Brooklyn, by sharing our 3D printing expertise with other New Lab members, combining all of our innovative capabilities and solutions to enable future development. Customers and visitors to New Lab have the opportunity to learn more about our large-scale 3D printing solutions and to experience them live.”

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PRESS RELEASE: Angela Merkel visits BigRep

Frau Merkel & M GurkaPosted on in

Angela Merkel visits BigRep: Chancellor convinced herself of the high performance of large-scale 3D printing solutions by the Berlin-based technology startup during her traditional tour of CeBIT 2016

  • CEO René Gurka: “The 3D printing solutions by BigRep make a decisive contribution to the digitization of the economy.
  • BigRep is main partner of Bitkom [email protected]

Berlin/Hannover, March 15, 2016. In her traditional tour of CeBIT this year, Chancellor Angela Merkel made a stop today at BigRep, the developer and manufacturer of world’s largest serial 3D printer. René Gurka, the CEO of BigRep, was personally approached by the chancellor, whereby he demonstrated the performance of largeformat 3D printing solutions by the Berlin technology startup, much to Mrs Merkel’s delight. In addition to the exclusive presentation of the new, third generation of the BigRep ONE, she also looked at various examples and applications of this breakthrough technology that is defining the industry of tomorrow.

Gurka-Merkel-BigrepRené Gurka, CEO from BigRep states: “We are very proud that we were able to welcome Chancellor Angela Merkel to our stand at CeBIT. She could get an idea of the opportunities and potential offered by large-scale 3D printing with respect to the digitalization of the local economy. Current studies conclude that there is still a great need to catch up on the digitalization and digital transformation of the German economy. Our goal is to enable our 3D printing solutions to address this opportunity and to be a significant contributor. ” BigRep is the main partner of Bitkom this year, whose breakthrough changes by digitization under the motto “[email protected]” allow you to become familiar with this technology at their stand. Moreover, companies from different areas, which are excellent examples of the digital transformation, are represented at the Bitkom booth.

We cordially invite you to stop by the Bitkom stand in Hall 4, Stand B72 to get a personal impression of large-scale 3D printing technology and to obtain more information about BigRep – until March 18.

About BigRep:
BigRep is a Berlin-based tech startup and manufacturer and developer of the world’s largest serial 3D printer. Founded in 2014, the company became the market and technological leader for large-scale serial 3D printing in only 18 months, aiming to revolutionize design, prototyping, and industrial production from the core. Prestigious enterprises and institutions from around the world rely on BigRep’s 3D printing solutions. With a volume of more than 1m³, BigRep ONE is the largest FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) printer currently available on the world market, thus bridging the gap between 3D printers designed for modelling and industrial use. The BigRep ONE.2 received the German Design Award Gold 2016 by the German Design Council in October 2015. BigRep’s ever-growing team of presently 40 employees from ten nations is passionately committed to working on the next industrial revolution. See a sped-up 3D printing procedure with a BigRep ONE here.

For further information, images, and video footage please contact:
Jasmin Ribouni
Media Relations BigRep GmbH
P +49 30 208 4826-22
E [email protected]

Matthias Grünewald
Press office BigRep c/o public link GmbH
P +49 30 44 31 88 -13
E [email protected]


Press release BigRep EN
Press release BigRep DE


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Former MakerBot Head of Software Far McKon Joins Berlin-based 3D Printing Pioneer BigRep As New Head of Software

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Berlin, January 28, 2016. Renowned American software developer Far McKon is joining Berlin-based tech start-up BigRep, manufacturer and developer of the world’s largest serially available 3D printer. The 38-year old American will join BigRep as new Head of Software effective immediately and will chiefly oversee the future development of the software as well as control electronics for the start-up’s large scale 3D printer BigRep ONE. “We are very proud to be bringing a real original from the US maker and hacker scene to Berlin with Far McKon,“ says BigRep CEO René Gurka. “In his former positions, at MakerBot among others, Far has shown us how to profoundly re-imagine the industry. For BigRep he will now be expanding many of the things he achieved there, only instead of desktop 3D printers he will now be working with BigRep’s large scales.”

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Berlin Tech Startup BigRep Successfully Closes Series A Financing Round with over €7 Million and Continues Rapid Growth

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  • Koehler Invest GmbH and venture capital firm b-to-v join as new investors

  • BigRep is one of Germany’s fastest growing hardware startups

  • BigRep is investing new capital in research and development, expanding its global market leadership, internationalizing and strengthening distribution

Berlin, November 11, 2015. BigRep, developer and manufacturer of the world’s largest serially produced 3D printer, has successfully closed a Series A financing round. The family-run Koehler Paper Group and venture capital firm b-to-v will join existing shareholders such as KFW-Bankengruppe and its ERP-Startfonds, to invest over €7 Million in BigRep GmbH. “We are thrilled to have found further investors with Koehler and b-to-v who appreciate the capacities of our large-scale serial 3D printing solutions and share our vision: as the 21st century’s key industry, 3D printing will substantially change global supply chains and production processes. We will use this fresh capital to further our product development, expand our global market presence, and to internationalize and strengthen our distribution,“ says BigRep CEO René Gurka.

The Koehler Paper Group has been investing in new technologies increasingly via financial involvement with startups in recent years. The industrial enterprise, family-run for eight generations, also plans to participate in the growing market for 3D printing. “We have thoroughly studied the market for 3D printing and are positive that BigRep is one of the best positioned providers in the rapidly growing segment for industrial clients,” Koehler Paper Group CEO Kai Furler states.
With offices in St. Gallen and Berlin, venture capital firm b-to-v is one of the leading networks for entrepreneurial private investors in Europe. Dr. Christian Reitberger, Lead Investor at b-to-v, was previously involved in BigRep’s seed funding as a Business Angel: “BigRep’s aim is to reduce the entry barriers for industrial 3D printing through lower operating costs, establishing a coherent software environment, and smart filament material innovations. BigRep will access new customer groups for additive manufacturing and provide industry insiders with a wider applicability in everyday use, too“.

A Rapidly Growing Market
The market for professional 3D printing has been growing rapidly: the annual growth rate is expected to increase by approx. 20 percent by 2020. Wohlers Report, the industry’s preeminent source, estimated the worldwide market for 3D

printing was worth over US$5 billion in 2015. The competition is relatively small in the segment for large-scale serial 3D printing, particularly cost-efficient 3D printing solutions. This is not the only field where BigRep has succeeded in establishing global market leadership in just 18 months. Thanks to its unique printing volume of over 1m3, which allows for prints 27 times the size provided by customary appliances, as well as its integrated software solutions, the BigRep ONE, which is available already in its third generation, also sets the industry’s technological standard.

René Gurka – CEO


About b-to-v:
b-to-v Partners AG is a venture capital company with offices in St. Gallen and Berlin. With around 200 members, it is also one of Europe’s leading networks of private entrepreneurial investors. b-to-v combines the industry expertise and experience of its entrepreneurs with the longstanding venture capital expertise of its in-house team. With this investment approach, b-to-v has set itself the goal of generating sustainable added value for its portfolio companies and investing entrepreneurs. At core, the b-to-v philosophy is all about investing together and a desire to mutually benefit from the financial, content-based and personal support provided from entrepreneur to entrepreneur. So far, b-to-v has invested in Facebook, Xing, Linguee, Qype, and Finanzchec, among others.

Dr. Stephan Beyer – CFO


About KfW Bankengruppe:
The KfW Group finances and supports, among other things, business startups, small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) as well as investments in economic growth and employment projects in Germany. The ERP Start-up-Fund, administered and co-financed by KfW, offers equity financing for innovative, technology-based enterprises with excellent growth prospects. The fund finances research and product development as well as the launching of new products, procedures and services. KfW always cooperates with a lead investor and exclusively adopts market conditions. Since 2004, the ERP Start-up-Fund has had €720 Mio. at its disposal to support emerging technology-based companies.

For further information, images, and video footage please contact:
Jasmin Ribouni
Media Relations BigRep GmbH
P +49 30 208 4826-22
E [email protected]

Matthias Grünewald / Katharina Hein
Press office BigRep c/o public link GmbH
P 49 30 44 31 88 -13 / -21
E [email protected]

Find out more on:

For Koehler Paper Group:
Antonia Birk
Advertising & Public Relations
Papierfabrik August Koehler SE
P +49 7802 81-4161
E [email protected]

For b-to-v:
Lennart Meyer
Public Relations GmbH
P +49 40 36 90 50-32
[email protected]

For KfW-Bankengruppe:
Wolfram Schweickhardt
Deputy Public Relations Officer Palmengartenstraße 5-9
60325 Frankfurt am Main
P +49 (0)69-7431-1778
E [email protected]