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PRESS RELEASE: Angela Merkel visits BigRep

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Angela Merkel visits BigRep: Chancellor convinced herself of the high performance of large-scale 3D printing solutions by the Berlin-based technology startup during her traditional tour of CeBIT 2016

  • CEO René Gurka: “The 3D printing solutions by BigRep make a decisive contribution to the digitization of the economy.
  • BigRep is main partner of Bitkom [email protected]

Berlin/Hannover, March 15, 2016. In her traditional tour of CeBIT this year, Chancellor Angela Merkel made a stop today at BigRep, the developer and manufacturer of world’s largest serial 3D printer. René Gurka, the CEO of BigRep, was personally approached by the chancellor, whereby he demonstrated the performance of largeformat 3D printing solutions by the Berlin technology startup, much to Mrs Merkel’s delight. In addition to the exclusive presentation of the new, third generation of the BigRep ONE, she also looked at various examples and applications of this breakthrough technology that is defining the industry of tomorrow.

Gurka-Merkel-BigrepRené Gurka, CEO from BigRep states: “We are very proud that we were able to welcome Chancellor Angela Merkel to our stand at CeBIT. She could get an idea of the opportunities and potential offered by large-scale 3D printing with respect to the digitalization of the local economy. Current studies conclude that there is still a great need to catch up on the digitalization and digital transformation of the German economy. Our goal is to enable our 3D printing solutions to address this opportunity and to be a significant contributor. ” BigRep is the main partner of Bitkom this year, whose breakthrough changes by digitization under the motto “[email protected]” allow you to become familiar with this technology at their stand. Moreover, companies from different areas, which are excellent examples of the digital transformation, are represented at the Bitkom booth.

We cordially invite you to stop by the Bitkom stand in Hall 4, Stand B72 to get a personal impression of large-scale 3D printing technology and to obtain more information about BigRep – until March 18.

About BigRep:
BigRep is a Berlin-based tech startup and manufacturer and developer of the world’s largest serial 3D printer. Founded in 2014, the company became the market and technological leader for large-scale serial 3D printing in only 18 months, aiming to revolutionize design, prototyping, and industrial production from the core. Prestigious enterprises and institutions from around the world rely on BigRep’s 3D printing solutions. With a volume of more than 1m³, BigRep ONE is the largest FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) printer currently available on the world market, thus bridging the gap between 3D printers designed for modelling and industrial use. The BigRep ONE.2 received the German Design Award Gold 2016 by the German Design Council in October 2015. BigRep’s ever-growing team of presently 40 employees from ten nations is passionately committed to working on the next industrial revolution. See a sped-up 3D printing procedure with a BigRep ONE here.

For further information, images, and video footage please contact:
Jasmin Ribouni
Media Relations BigRep GmbH
P +49 30 208 4826-22
E [email protected]

Matthias Grünewald
Press office BigRep c/o public link GmbH
P +49 30 44 31 88 -13
E [email protected]


Press release BigRep EN
Press release BigRep DE


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BigRep Goes Medical Technology: Our BigRep ONE.2 at the FabLab Berlin in the Ottobock Future Lab

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May 27, 2015 marked the highly anticipated inauguration of the Ottobock Future Lab on the premises of the former Bötzow Brewery in Prenzlauer Berg which further boosts Berlin’s appeal as a hotspot for healthcare innovation. Hans Georg Näder, owner and CEO of the MedTech company Otto Bock HealthCare that has gained worldwide renown with its work in prosthetics and orthotics, initiated the digital Future Lab. Ambitions are high: the Future Lab is intended to become no less than THE incubator for tomorrow’s medical technology — with our BigRep ONE.2 playing a central role!

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3D printing shoots for the moon — and your furniture

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3D printing opens up a world of possibilities, from recreating human body parts in plastic and cells to making mind-bending designs otherwise impossible with standard production techniques. But its broadest impact may be on some of the more mundane part of our lives. […]


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Innovation exhibition in Sweden

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ELMIA Subcontractor in Jönköping/Sweden is the biggest trade show for the subcontracting industry in Northern Europe and Scandinavia. Dr. Sascha Peters, a renowned innovation consultant and materials expert as well as founder and owner of HAUTE INNOVATION in Berlin, took us there. He curated an innovation exhibition about the latest edge material-based technologies. BigRep was part of it. 15.000 visitors could see a full size model of a glass cup printed out on BigRep ONE.2, the mold which was taken off the model and the glass cup itself. This is a nice case study how BigRep can revolutionize manufacturing by cutting down costs and time for production.


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On the road again … to EuroMold2014

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At EuroMold2014 from 25-28 November in Frankfurt we presented our updated serial model, the BigRep ONE.2. Prototypes, models or molds as well as products for end users like designer furniture can be printed out directly due to the giant printing volume of 1,3m³. As a proof of our concept we brought a real case study for manufacturing with us to Frankfurt: BigRep ONE.2 printed full-scale molds for glass blowing in a size of 40 x 60 cm. With these molds, a glassmaking factory produced full-size glass cups.