Solidworks world 2019 – where possiblilty take form

BigRep joined more than 6,000 makers, doers and innovators and 100 partners in Dallas, Texas at SOLIDWORKS World (SWW) 2019. SWW is a collective experience that inspires and activates your capacity to bring to life ideas that change the world. This year’s theme was “Where Possibility Takes Form” and BigRep showcased some interesting applications of just this.

Possibility taking form with additive

3D printing enables designers to think outside the box and explore possibilities, not just dream them. On display were several examples of prototypes designers created – marine propellers, bike helmets, a headrest from Deutsche Bahn, and the ever popular Formula ONE car display. We also highlighted the end use part that Boyce Technologies is creating for emergency system kiosks in New York. Lastly, we featured the viral sensation – the airless bike tires – but this time, installed them on a bike that you could ride. Press, attendees, and of course our team, each took rides around the booth on it. When we asked what people thought of it, they said, “It’s like riding a bike! But better because your tires will never go flat.”


“That’s your smallest printer?”

Being one of the only large-scale 3D printing providers at SWW really set BigRep apart from the other partners. The sheer size of the BigRep STUDIO on display attracted people to the booth and when we told attendees that this was the smallest printer in our portfolio at a half meter by half meter by a full meter, we were met with both shocked and intrigued looks. Immediately, we could see them start to envision how large-scale 3D printing could help improve their designs and product development.


Materials for your application

BigRep also showcased the full product line-up of BigRep certified materials including PLA, TPU, and the newest PA6/66 (available for the all new PRO). BigRep certified materials allow designers to prototype their designs at full scale in a cost effective way. But a great feature of all BigRep printers is that they are open-source materials, allowing customers to have a choice in what material they use.

Where to next?

Join the BigRep team at AMUG in Chicago from March 31st to April 4 and then on to Detroit for RAPID+TCT, May 21 – 23rd. Check out our full schedule of events around the world online here .

Formnext 2018 Recap: New Printers, New Technology, New Possibilities

Our team at Formnext 2018


Four days, 550 exhibitors, and 36,000 square meters of additive manufacturing made Frankfurt buzz with excitement. The third edition of Formnext—the world's leading exhibition for additive manufacturing— showcased state-of-the-art printers, groundbreaking new technology, and insight from the world’s leaders in additive manufacturing.

Day one started with pomp and ceremony, as we unveiled our next generation industrial large-scale 3D printers—the BigRep PRO and EDGE, drawing a large crowd to the booth for the ribbon cutting. The PRO is an advanced machine that pushes the boundary of what is possible with industrial 3D printing. The BigRep EDGE, which will be available to order in Q2 2019, is set to redefine additive manufacturing with unrivalled high-performance material capabilities for an ever-wider range of industrial applications. High throughput and repeatability are now possible as a result of BigRep’s, new metering extruder technology—MXT®, plus speeds at up to 5 times faster than any FFF printer currently on the market. Both printers which are equipped with MXT and Bosch-Rexroth motion control system excited visitors about what can now be achieved.

The sheer size of both printers was enough to force passers-by to stop and find out what kind of print volume they can handle. The PRO is a gargantuan printer; it stands almost two and a half meters and it dwarfs any person that stands beside it. Fascinated 3D printing enthusiasts peered through the glass doors to observe the impressive speed of the machine.

Many visitors were drawn to the booth by our Nera e-motorcycle, the world’s first fully 3D printed e-motorcycle. The motorcycle is a brainchild of NOWLAB—BigRep’s innovation and consultancy wing. Designed by Marco Mattia Cristofori and Maximilian Sedlak—under the direction of NOWLAB co-founder and managing director Daniel Büning. The bike is a triumph of design and innovation; taking just 12 weeks to go from whitepaper to functional e-motorcycle. Guests waited their turn to sit on the bike and take a customary selfie. And I’m pretty sure it was spotted driving around the booth.

“The NERA combines several innovations developed by NOWLAB, such as the airless tire, functional integration and embedded sensor technology,” explained Büning. “This bike and our other prototypes push the limits of engineering creativity and will reshape AM technology as we know it.”

BigRep also presented the current range of materials, including the brand-new Pro FLEX filament and the new materials available on the BigRep PRO like PA 666 and Nylon. “There was a lot of excitement about the TPU, specifically seeing the wheels turning in people’s heads about what they could do with seals, gaskets and the like,” said CEO Stephan Beyer, PhD. “People were telling us they aren’t necessarily thinking about what they’re going to use it for tomorrow – they’re thinking about the future, they’ve all got their five-year plans.”

BigRep CEO Stephan Beyer was in exuberant form, delighted to answer questions about the new printers and the full range of printed parts that were proudly displayed at the booth. Beyer also talked about BigRep’s work with Etihad Airways Engineering, who together with BigRep are defining a roadmap for additive manufacturing solutions for the aerospace industry. Beyer explained how BigRep’s industrial machines meet the needs of production tooling, end use parts and the rapid manufacturing of jigs and fixtures—a market value added in the manufacturing space.

Beyer added, “There continues to be a lot of interest among industrial users in the aerospace and automotive sector, but we spoke to many different industry representatives that are excited about where BigRep can add value in the future.”

After a wonderful week at Formnext and the start of an exciting time for BigRep, we would like to extend a special thanks to everyone who made this event a memorable one, especially our hardworking team. The event was a great chance for us to chat with partners, customers and industry enthusiasts about our next generation of 3D printers and what innovative new applications that can be applied to. The fun doesn’t stop now though, as we gear up for the next events, which are just around the corner! The show must go on.

Adding to the Manufacturing Discourse in Chicago – Our IMTS Wrap-Up

Adding to the Manufacturing Discourse in Chicago – Our IMTS Wrap-Up


The Talk of the Show

 BigRep’s large-scale 3D printers attracted a lot of attention, positioned front and center of the additive section.  Both the BigRep ONE and STUDIO were running 24/7 printing high quality parts throughout the show.  We talked with engineers, product designers, professors, managements and C-levels about both the benefit of 3D printing and the value that large-scale can provide.

When attendees learned how big the build platform was, we could immediately see the wheels start turning and attendees imagining all that they could do.  Many challenges we heard throughout the week was – “My printer is too small and I’m spending lot of time gluing and combining parts.”  “I’m not getting quality parts off my larger-scale 3D printer.”  “The strength of my parts isn’t adequate.”  These challenges and more can be solved with a BigRep solution.  From jigs and fixtures to 1:1 parts for prototyping and one off parts to patterns and molds, the possibilities are endless and can help get products to market faster and edge out the competition.

In 2018 and beyond, if companies want to continue innovating, getting bigger and better, then additive needs to be in their portfolio.

A Changing Landscape for Additive & BigRep

No BigRep booth visitor could have missed our enormous banner promoting our next-generation additive machines – our soon-to-come industrial large-scale printers. They’ll be unveiled at formnext (so don’t miss that announcement). While the excitement and interest was evident around the next generation of BigRep printers, we know there are many more to come when we unveil the new machines.

BigRep America president, Frank Marangell had this to say, “IMTS was a great show for BigRep and the additive community. It’s come a long way in the past years and by IMTS 2020, I expect BigRep and additive to be helping reshape manufacturing.”

The BigRep America Team at the booth, IMTS Chigago 2018
Thanks to all our team, partners and visitors for making IMTS 2018 a spectacular success for us!

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BigRep & YES01 Team Up at Inside3DPrinting, Seoul


An exciting event has come to an end in the South Korean capital Seoul, with the close of the Inside3DPrinting conference and exhibition. Held between June 27-29 at the Korea International Exhibition Center (KINTEX) in Seoul, this year’s event was themed around ‘Strategies for the 3D Ecosystem’. We joined our Korean reseller YES01 at their booth, where visitors were able to see a BigRep STUDIO in action and view a range of industrial 3D-printed samples.

BigRep CEO Stephan Beyer was invited as a speaker and presented BigRep technology yesterday, on Day Two of the conference, on the topic ‘Additive Manufacturing in Transportation’. He spoke to a full room about BigRep’s large-scale 3D printing solutions and how the machines enable a host of cutting-edge applications in industrial contexts. For example, Deutsche Bahn’s use of BigRep technology in developing end-use parts, as well as demonstration of this by automotive customization company Paravan, and Aalborg University’s production of a bicycle frame using the BigRep ONE.

Beyer also delved into BigRep’s work with Etihad Airways Engineering in defining a roadmap for Additive Manufacturing solutions for the aerospace industry. He talked to the crowd about the BigRep R&D philosophy of having applications informing materials, which then informs machine development. The importance of this, he explained, lies in ensuring BigRep’s large-scale machines fulfil the needs of companies to create industrial-grade prints, such as for production tooling, of rapid manufacturing of jigs and fixtures.

BigRep's team @Inside3DPrinting

Some questions followed, one about 3D printing for the aviation industry and materials certification required for it. Given BigRep and Etihad are working together on solving the challenges in this field, it was an especially relevant question, which Beyer addressed in the frame of BigRep’s development of flame-retardant materials suitable for aircraft.

Beyer also did several interviews with Korean press, for a TV station, a magazine and online news site ZDnet. BigRep conducted a media conference with numerous outlets present.

There was high traffic to the booth throughout the event, with visitors stopping to watch the large print of the electrical box that progressed on the STUDIO printer. Passers-by were representatives from a wide range of sectors including education, transportation, construction and even the industrial lighting industry stopped by the booth to find out more.

One major global automotive company approached the booth saying that they have small and mid-sized 3D printers, but are looking for large-scale solutions to make their process more efficient. A few aerospace companies also sought BigRep out, enquiring after the potential of BigRep technology to print end-use parts with high-tech capabilities.

Alex Hodik, BigRep’s General Manager for the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, works out of the BigRep Singapore office and was in Seoul for Inside3DPrinting. We caught up with him to find out more about the top trends he noticed throughout the event, and what to watch for in 3D printing in APAC and globally.

BigRep's CEO Stefan Beyer @ Inside3DPrinting

“We were one of the only large-scale providers at the event, so it’s clear that there is still a huge number of smaller-scale machines. In this sense, we are very much ahead of the curve in presenting viable large-scale manufacturing options to customers in this market,” said Hodik.

“Korea is a territory representing all applications and industries applicable to 3D printing, and very representative overall of Asia as a market,” said Hodik, referring to the highly industrial needs of many of the market countries. “It was an important event for us to meet customers and potential resellers, as we continue to ramp up our partner network in the region.”

Hodik and the dedicated BigRep team in Singapore supports 15 distributors – a number that continues to grow rapidly in the APAC region.

Inside3DPrinting is the largest global 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing Event series focused on innovation, manufacturing and expansion of the latest cutting edge technologies. The event is punctuated by an impressive bill of speakers, all leading their fields in additive manufacturing and adjacent spaces. With an international audience of over 10,000 people, the conference and exhibition is a major industry on the world calendar.

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RAPID + TCT 2018: BigRep’s Recap

The BigRep US team at RAPID + TCT


Our BigRep America team has been hard at work these past several days at the RAPID + TCT event, at the Fort Worth Convention Center in Texas. This major industry event attracted company representatives from all over the United States, particularly the southern US, as well as further afield: our team spoke to folks from throughout Latin America, Australia and Europe who were interested in large-scale 3D printing technology.

RAPID + TCT says its attendees are the biggest group of 3D technology buyers in North America – from Adidas to ZimmerBiomet, there are a huge range of manufacturing industries represented: from medical devices, jewelry, defense, automotive, consumer goods, aerospace, technology, fashion, construction, and more.

Our team knew it would be a good opportunity to connect with so many different kinds of businesses. We didn’t bank on being blown away by the sheer diversity of the customer industries that are well-versed in our large-scale additive manufacturing technology, and wanting to go bigger than the smaller-sized printers they have.


Learn About BigRep 3D Printers

BigRep Channel Manager Ryan Hayford spoke with visitors at the booth throughout the event, from April 24-26, and said, “There continues to be a lot of interest amongst many industrial users in the aerospace and automotive sector, but connecting with several education resellers proves that there is another important market we need to explore further in the United States.”

As kids are increasingly being given the freedom to innovate in the classroom with 3D printers, there comes a time when desktop-sized machines are not enough. One Chicago-based art school approached BigRep, saying that the open-source, open-frame BigRep ONE is the kind of machine they’re looking for, so that their students can begin designing bigger.

Several visitors to the BigRep booth (stand no. 1646) from the aerospace industry, were in conversation with our team about their need to print custom, one-off pieces for fixtures and tooling, jigs, and other custom objects that enhance their competitive advantage.


It wasn’t only fresh faces we saw at RAPID + TCT, but also the partners, customers and industry contacts that BigRep knows well. Our customer Steelcase came by the booth to say hi, as did My Central Coop – in fact, they drove there overnight in their Tesla 3 to come to the event and drop by the booth. Our valued resellers SWIGRO, Saratech, DesignBox3D and ImageNet were also regular visitors, bringing prospective customers by to see the ONE and STUDIO 3D printers in-situ.

Events like RAPID + TCT are also usually great for us to meet resellers across the country who are interested to add BigRep printers to their portfolios. We spoke to many who are wanting to diversify their product portfolio and feel their clients can benefit greatly from utilizing BigRep’s capabilities.

BigRep America's team from left to right: Frank Marangell, Amnon Hamami, Steven Rizzo, Ryan Hayford, Margaret Hewitt
BigRep America's team from left to right: Frank Marangell, Amnon Hamami, Steven Rizzo, Ryan Hayford, Margaret Hewitt

Our team was pleased to showcase the BigRep range of materials, especially the brand new Pro FLEX filament, for which there were several flexible samples: “There was a lot of excitement about the TPU, specifically seeing the wheels turning in people’s heads about what they could do with seals, gaskets and the like,” said Hayford. “People were telling us they aren’t necessarily thinking about what they’re going to use it for tomorrow – they’re thinking about the future, they’ve all got their five-year plans.”

After all the networking and meetings the past couple of weeks – with AMUG and RAPID + TCT trade shows, among others – it has been a busy, yet very fruitful, event time for us! A particular thanks goes out to our hardworking team, including Amnon Hamami and Margaret Hewitt who were operating the machines, answering technical questions and setting up the booth. The fun doesn’t stop now though, as we gear up for the next events, which are just around the corner… Maybe we’re coming to one near you!

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You Met Us in St. Louis

bigrep at amug


BigRep Reflects on a Successful AMUG Through a Large-Scale Lens

“People don’t just walk around collecting brochures,” said BigRep America President, Frank Marangell, from the BigRep booth at AMUG in St. Louis, Missouri. “They really get to learn and share. The growth of AMUG is a testament to the real value attendees get here, and there’s real value for us, too.”

Speaking to the uniqueness of the renowned AMUG user conference, Marangell says it’s not just ‘another week, another trade show’ – this one is a bit different. BigRep has had a jam-packed few days in St. Louis, with a busy booth at the conference, of which it is a platinum sponsor. On display was the BigRep STUDIO 3D printer, which demonstrated the potential for high-volume 3D printing in a space-saving package, and a host of exciting industrial prints. Among them, prints showcasing BigRep’s newly released TPU filament PRO FLEX.

Of the new flexible material, Marangell said, “The ability to print rubber over rigid to make over mold parts or living hinges was really interesting for many visitors to our booth. It shows how we’re working hard to produce completely new solutions for our customers.”

BigRep @ AMUG

Learn About BigRep 3D Printers

Meeting and Greeting the Industry

Drawing 3D industry leaders and newcomers alike, the event was a networking platform and something of a rapid-fire university course – a myriad of sessions aimed at educating and upskilling the attendees on the latest additive manufacturing developments.

“You can’t put a price on that kind of networking opportunity,” said Marangell. “It has been even more international this year, which is great for us since we’re already reaching out to companies in all corners of the globe.”

BigRep’s Dr. Stephan Beyer concurred, saying, “We did see that the AM world is moving more industrial, more serious about manufacturing solutions. The visitors to our booth related to our strategy, in terms of our open, large-format, reliable machine and the ability to use their own materials.”

The BigRep STUDIO at the AMUG Conference.
The BigRep STUDIO at the AMUG Conference.

Sessions to Share and Educate

Beyer spoke in a packed room as part of a panel session “BASF and BigRep: Spare Parts on Demand for Deutsche Bahn” including Volker Hammes, Managing Director of BASF New Business GmbH, and Stefanie Brickwede, Managing Director of ‘Mobility goes Additive’ (Deutsche Bahn). Both BASF and Deutsche Bahn spoke to the innovative developments resulting from their partnership with BigRep. Both Beyer and Marangell say the panel session was an opportunity to inform companies about the endless possibilities for custom applications using large-scale additive manufacturing technology, like BigRep offers.

A Tuesday BigRep session with Steelcase’s Eric Barth and Stefanie Brickwede (“BigRep Applications Presented by Steelcase and Deutsche Bahn”) offered further insight into the significant benefits that the technology can have for companies to produce to-scale prototypes in a matter of hours. The competitive edge that Steelcase – a leading US office furniture solutions manufacturer – gets from the BigRep printer had many session attendees coming past the booth to see if the same thing could be done for their business.

An immensely successful AMUG was capped off by a BigRep session with Marangell and CTO Moshe Aknin introducing BigRep’s latest development: the metered extruder, which BigRep expects will be a game-changer in the FFF marketplace. It will bring more accurate repeatability and speed to the traditional extrusion technology, avoiding limitations for end-use solutions. Aknin presented the new extrusion technology to a full room with an enthusiastic crowd.

Aknin also led a session called “Ideate, Design, Fabricate: Latest developments by BigRep’s Innovation Lab” that explored the immense possibilities from custom applications, as demonstrated in BigRep’s partnerships, co-operations and activities at NOWlab in Berlin. It was the icing on the cake for a busy few days in St. Louis, and invited participants to view a world in which creativity and solution-focused technology knows no bounds.

After wrapping up a hugely successful AMUG, the team will be moving down the Mississippi River and take a right at Texas, for the RAPID + TCT event in Fort Worth, from 24-26 April. Our team of 3D print experts is now taking appointment bookings to discuss business solutions using large-scale 3D print technology.

“We’re not here to make toys” – A BigRep breakdown of SOLIDWORKS

The BigRep America booth at the SolidWorks World 2018 show, Los Angeles


Frank Marangell, President of BigRep America

It flew by in a blur of great conversations, sessions and exciting new technologies, but while the SOLIDWORKS World 2018 booths have all been packed up and visitors have returned to their home towns and cities, I think we’re just warming up for 2018.

Following up with the visitors who stopped by the BigRep America booth, impressed by our machine, has made me want to revisit the SOLIDWORKS fair and reflect on how it was for us, and why.

For those in the 3D printing industry – especially those in the US – SOLIDWORKS World is an important fixture on the yearly events calendar. We’re a silver partner at the event. The namesake software company puts on an event that attracts attendees from around the world, and one thing they have in common is that they are designing the latest, greatest things, across every industry you can imagine. These businesses need to prototype their designs, and are on the hunt for the ideal additive manufacturing solution for their needs. For example, one custom-design machine shop owner stopped by, asking us how a larger-format printer could better handle his requirements.

BigRep at Solidworks World 2018
Ready to get started at SOLIDWORKS - some of our BigRep America team.

Being one of the only large-format printing providers at SOLIDWORKS really set us apart, so naturally we wanted to talk to these businesses about how large-scale 3D printing can change the way they design and manufacture. We continually hear from companies of all kinds that they feel caged in by smaller 3D printers, and lament the hassle of cutting up their prints in data phase. One such customer flew in specifically to see us and the BigRep STUDIO. He liked the size of the printer, and commented on the German engineering quality of the product.

This man, and several others over the course of the event, said to me, “Wow, that’s a pretty big printer.” I was always delighted to be able to reply with, “Yes, but that’s our little one. It’s just one quarter the size of our BigRep ONE.” People couldn’t quite believe the quality and scale you get for the price.

One thing we wanted to do – which I think we achieved – was to showcase the industrial potential of our large-format 3D printers. I think most people at these events walk past the 3D-printed toys and frivolous items, thinking, “Well, I don’t make toys.” And we agree. Our approach is to help companies find solutions to their problems using large-scale, industrial parts. It’s as simple and as complicated as that.

That’s why the samples we carted with us to SOLIDWORKS showcased industrial solutions, such as the headrests for Deutsche Bahn, and our innovation department NOWlab’s work on concrete casts with Geiger. These and other pieces were about showing how high resolution can be achieved at speed, and in large-scale. We had a very nice propeller part that we printed with the 0.6 mm, 1 mm and the 2-mm nozzles to show the capabilities of the system and the resolution the STUDIO can achieve. We always reference the material used and the time it took to print, to show that regardless of resolution, it limits a customer’s ability to stay competitive if it takes too long.

BigRep America team members with a BigRep STUDIO at Solidworks World 2018
The BigRep STUDIO was on display at the BigRep booth at SOLIDWORKS.

Your average SOLIDWORKS user and SOLIDWORKS World visitor is from an SME (small-to-medium enterprise), so we get to interface with them at the event on exactly this – taking their industrial production and prototyping to the next level. You have the big guys with fleets of 3D printers – the Fortune 500 companies – and then a long tail of many other small-to-medium-sized businesses, who are looking to optimize by bringing 3D printing to their processes. It is the perfect place to show these businesses what BigRep machines can do, particularly considering Southern California is one of the biggest markets in the United States for 3D printing, so Los Angeles is the perfect (sunny) place for the event to be held.

While international visitors were certainly in attendance, the SOLIDWORKS room was mostly comprised of US attendees. We were able to meet customers and resellers alike, which is important as we expand our reseller network in the States and internationally. The best part about selling to this industry is that machines are sold bottom-up. They aren’t sold through Amazon or online, they are sold through a salesperson who takes the time to consult and work with a customer directly, locally. Events like SOLIDWORKS remind us of this, because we get that valuable one-on-one time with potential customers and experienced resellers.

We are in the process of creating some tools to better interface SOLIDWORKS with BigRep, as well as looking to work closely with the SOLIDWORKS community. We think they’re the best, and we think we’re at that same level in what we do, so we want to align ourselves with their reseller community. Otherwise, it’s all about gearing up for AMUG and RAPID + TCT in April, as well as many other events after those – then next year it’s off to Dallas for SOLIDWORKS 2019!


Frank Marangell is President of BigRep America Inc. and Executive VP of Global Sales at BigRep. He has been operating at the top level of the additive manufacturing industry for over a decade.

Connect with Frank on Linkedin HERE.

Formnext 2017: what prospects for the industrial 3D printer sector?

Representatives from across industry meeting at the BigRep stand at Formnext 2017


Formnext 2017 was another great event for industrial 3D printer enthusiasts. More companies have joined the race to bring 3D print technology to maturity and we saw plenty of new products on offer. Overall, a clear message came across – that additive manufacturing is here to stay and will continue to dramatically change the way we design and manufacture products.

Before discussing which technology and/or company is most likely to lead the industrial 3D printer market in coming years, we will investigate two key areas – 3D print solutions for prototyping and for manufacturing.


Within this segment of the market affordable 3D printers for plastic prototyping are making headway. These are not necessarily cheap 3D printers, but machines which strike a lower-cost balance between functionality and price. In the past such machines had few features and competed mainly on price. At Formnext 2017 we saw more sophisticated machines which can be used for specific applications such as dental and other fit-form-function applications. This means that higher-cost machines dedicated to prototyping must offer unique features to be attractive. BigRep offers industry exactly this kind of added-value through its large-scale industrial 3D printers and growing range of specialist 3D printer filaments.

BigRep ONE 3d Printed Furniture Prototype at Formnext 2017
BigRep ONE 3D-printed furniture rapid prototype: large-scale & weight-bearing


3D printing for manufacturing can be divided into two areas – plastic and metal 3D printing. With plastic, advanced polymers can replace metal for certain applications in Medical, Aerospace and other industries. In such cases if superior mechanical properties and/or larger parts can be delivered we have a more attractive solution. If printing speeds increase, plastic 3D printing could also potentially replace injection molding in some manufacturing applications.

The second manufacturing area, metal 3D printing made a big splash at Formnext 2017. On the one hand the prices of some lower-spec machines seem to be falling, making metal 3D printers more accessible. At the same time, new heavy metal printers are aiming to deepen the automation and integration of 3D printing in manufacturing processes with a focus on quality, variety of materials and printing speed.

End-use spare parts produced for Deustche Bahn on display at Formnext 2017
At Formnext 2017 BigRep showcased end-use spare parts produced for Deustche Bahn


If we look at it from the industrial user’s side, before purchasing a 3D printer the following elements are usually considered:

  • The company behind the product – is it a short or long-term player?
  • Quality, accuracy & repeatability – the basics of effective additive manufacturing
  • Reliability & ease of use – for minimum hassle
  • Variety of materials - for a wide range of applications
  • ECO system - inclusion of a dedicated Software solution. This is particularly critical in the metal printing space
  • Printing speed – this must increase to increase productivity, especially in manufacturing
  • Reasonable cost per value – an essential requirement of the end user
Exploring with industry how 3D printing can bring it new value and competitive advantage


It depends on how you measure it, but no doubt a strong combination of a ‘new generation’ technology with a focus on printing speed and advanced materials, plentiful long-term funding, and a winning business strategy will be key success factors for any 3D printer company. Above all one factor will be most important – the people behind the company. Without a professional, experienced, and totally dedicated team driving it forward, any new amazing technology cannot make it. At Formnext 2018 we will see who and which technologies are making the best progress.

All parts below were printed with BigRep Large Scale 3D-Printing Technology


With over 22 years in the printing industry, Gil Lavi is a Sr. 3D-Printing Specialist with vast experience in implementing diverse 3D-printing technologies in design and manufacturing processes.

Connect with Gil on Linkedin HERE.

PRESS RELEASE: Angela Merkel visits BigRep

German Chancellor Angela Merkel standing near the BigRep ONE with a 3D printed stool


Angela Merkel visits BigRep: Chancellor convinced herself of the high performance of large-scale 3D printing solutions by the Berlin-based technology startup during her traditional tour of CeBIT 2016

  • CEO René Gurka: “The 3D printing solutions by BigRep make a decisive contribution to the digitization of the economy.
  • BigRep is main partner of Bitkom [email protected]

Berlin/Hannover, March 15, 2016. In her traditional tour of CeBIT this year, Chancellor Angela Merkel made a stop today at BigRep, the developer and manufacturer of world’s largest serial 3D printer. René Gurka, the CEO of BigRep, was personally approached by the chancellor, whereby he demonstrated the performance of largeformat 3D printing solutions by the Berlin technology startup, much to Mrs Merkel's delight. In addition to the exclusive presentation of the new, third generation of the BigRep ONE, she also looked at various examples and applications of this breakthrough technology that is defining the industry of tomorrow.

René Gurka, CEO from BigRep states: "We are very proud that we were able to welcome Chancellor Angela Merkel to our stand at CeBIT. She could get an idea of the opportunities and potential offered by large-scale 3D printing with respect to the digitalization of the local economy. Current studies conclude that there is still a great need to catch up on the digitalization and digital transformation of the German economy. Our goal is to enable our 3D printing solutions to address this opportunity and to be a significant contributor. " BigRep is the main partner of Bitkom this year, whose breakthrough changes by digitization under the motto "[email protected]" allow you to become familiar with this technology at their stand. Moreover, companies from different areas, which are excellent examples of the digital transformation, are represented at the Bitkom booth.

We cordially invite you to stop by the Bitkom stand in Hall 4, Stand B72 to get a personal impression of large-scale 3D printing technology and to obtain more information about BigRep - until March 18.

Angela Merkel with a 3D printed part and René Gurka

About BigRep:
BigRep is a Berlin-based tech startup and manufacturer and developer of the world’s largest serial 3D printer. Founded in 2014, the company became the market and technological leader for large-scale serial 3D printing in only 18 months, aiming to revolutionize design, prototyping, and industrial production from the core. Prestigious enterprises and institutions from around the world rely on BigRep’s 3D printing solutions. With a volume of more than 1m³, BigRep ONE is the largest FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) printer currently available on the world market, thus bridging the gap between 3D printers designed for modelling and industrial use. The BigRep ONE.2 received the German Design Award Gold 2016 by the German Design Council in October 2015. BigRep’s ever-growing team of presently 40 employees from ten nations is passionately committed to working on the next industrial revolution. See a sped-up 3D printing procedure with a BigRep ONE here.

For further information, images, and video footage please contact:
Jasmin Ribouni
Media Relations BigRep GmbH
P +49 30 208 4826-22
E [email protected]

Matthias Grünewald
Press office BigRep c/o public link GmbH
P +49 30 44 31 88 -13
E [email protected]


Press release BigRep EN
Press release BigRep DE


BigRep Goes Medical Technology: Our BigRep ONE.2 at the FabLab Berlin in the Ottobock Future Lab


May 27, 2015 marked the highly anticipated inauguration of the Ottobock Future Lab on the premises of the former Bötzow Brewery in Prenzlauer Berg which further boosts Berlin’s appeal as a hotspot for healthcare innovation. Hans Georg Näder, owner and CEO of the MedTech company Otto Bock HealthCare that has gained worldwide renown with its work in prosthetics and orthotics, initiated the digital Future Lab. Ambitions are high: the Future Lab is intended to become no less than THE incubator for tomorrow’s medical technology — with our BigRep ONE.2 playing a central role!

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When you visit any web site, it may store or retrieve information on your browser, mostly in the form of cookies. Control your personal Cookie Services here.

These cookies are necessary for the website to function and cannot be switched off in our systems.

PageSense's activities, like tracking visitor behavior on websites and targeting specific visitors for A/B tests, generate data that's considered private under GDPR. All of this tracked data is stored with anonymized IP addresses, so you can safely capture, process, and use it without infringing on visitors' data privacy. PageSense doesn't collect personal data from any website visitor who participates in any experiment. The cookie data used to map experiments isn't associated with any IP address.
  • zabUserID
  • zabVisitID
  • zabSplit
  • zabBucket
  • zabHMBucket
  • { exp_key }
  • zabme
  • zabPZBucket
  • zPersonalization
  • zia_ { projectkey }
  • zpc< projectkey>
  • zps_permission_status
  • {exp_id}+

In order to use this website we use the following technically required cookies
  • wordpress_test_cookie
  • wordpress_logged_in_
  • wordpress_sec

For perfomance reasons we use Cloudflare as a CDN network. This saves a cookie "__cfduid" to apply security settings on a per-client basis. This cookie is strictly necessary for Cloudflare's security features and cannot be turned off.
  • __cfduid

We embed videos from our official YouTube channel using YouTube’s privacy-enhanced mode. This mode may set cookies on your computer once you click on the YouTube video player, but YouTube will not store personally-identifiable cookie information for playbacks of embedded videos using the privacy-enhanced mode.
  • PREF
  • GPS
  • YSC

We track anonymized user information to improve our website.
  • GTM

This website uses ActiveCampaign (AC) as the designated CRM to track user interaction (trough AC cookies are necessaries but no IP or personal data will be saved if you don't convert on one of our forms (cookie visitorEmailAC). We use this to better understand how people interact with our site and to see their journey through the website.  
  • ac_enable_tracking
  • visitorEmailAC

Contains the current language of the admin and the user.
  • _icl_current_admin_language
  • _icl_current_language

Cookie required to allow a user to stay logged in to a web site without needing to submit their username and password for each page visited. Without this cookie, a user is unable to proceed to areas of the web site that require authenticated access.

These cookies are set by WordPress are used for indication and identification of the logged in user. Those are session cookies.
  • wordpress_logged_in_
  • wordpress_sec_
  • wordpress_test_cookie
  • wp-settings-
  • wp-settings-time-
  • utm_source
  • utm_campaign
  • utm_medium
  • handl_url
  • handl_landing_page
  • http_referrer

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