The 3D Printing Process: Taking One Designer’s Idea from Concept to Reality

Case Study #1 / Cocktail Table / By Anna Maria Mannarino of Mannarino Designs, Inc.

Our first Designer Case Study was submitted by Anna Mannarino, an award-winning interior and event designer based in Holmdel, New Jersey. For more information on Anna and her studio, keep reading to the end of this post!

The concept for this cocktail table - appropriately named The Mannarino Table after its designer - centered around reinventing a classic piece of furniture: the piece emulates a side table draped with a traditional white tablecloth. The juxtaposition of the inherently soft fabric of a tablecloth with the rigidity of recycled plastic offers a unique and beautiful spin on a classic silhouette.

For the popup we printed a 13” diameter version of the table using white PLA filament. In her design submission Anna envisioned a set of three tables in various sizes, which could be used as a set or on their own. She also suggested using bright colours or metallic finishes, which would even further transform the table into a decidedly modern and on-trend piece of furniture.

Right away, I could also see these tables being stackable or even offered in a bar-height version - complete with a couple glasses of wine and a light summer breeze on a New York rooftop. The beauty of 3D printing - and a key element of Print the Future’s vision - is the idea that designers can engage with these moments of inspiration and innovation, quickly and affordably. It sounds cheesy, but the only limit to what you can create really does become your imagination.

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