AyS Fabricación 3D Announced as New Spanish Reseller

BigRep is proud to announce that AyS Fabricación 3D—a leading supplier of 3D print solutions in Spain, and a company belonging to Análisis y Simulación (AyS)—will begin selling BigRep industrial 3D printers, nationwide. Together, we will accelerate the implementation of additive manufacturing (AM) in aerospace, automotive, medical and high-tech machine building.

AyS Fabricación 3D, based in Miñano—a charming village in the Basque Country—has 4 regional offices and more than 100 employees, and a long history in manufacturing—founded 21 years ago.

“Our customers are looking for industrial additive manufacturing solutions and as a trusted supplier of product design and manufacturing solutions, we are well positioned to serve high-end customers in Spain,” said Iker Galdos, Additive Manufacturing Manager at AyS Fabricación 3D.

AyS Fabricación 3D

AyS entered the market in 1997, selling CAD and CAE solutions, but it was in 2008 that AyS Additive Manufacturing was established—in response to the growing need for advanced manufacturing in Spain, where 3D printing plays an integral role in advanced manufacturing. The AM industry is developing rapidly, and with time, AM will become a mainstay for producing end-use parts and new innovative applications.

Manufacturing Competitiveness

It is expected that large-scale 3D printing will give a competitive advantage to industrial manufacturers in Spain—allowing companies to produce spare parts and prototypes at 1:1 scale, in a cost-efficient way. With a customer base of more than 600, of which nearly 100 are in AM— AyS Fabricación 3D are in a strong position to build BigRep’s presence in the Iberian Peninsula.

“Our company grew up with a strong focus on technical training and support - said Iker Galdos - We offer consulting, support, knowledge sharing, along with the modification of geometries and process optimization. Additionally, we provide technical support and help with the installation of new printers.” This commitment to customer support aligns with BigRep’s strategy of not only manufacturing the leading industrial 3D printers in the market but also working with our customers to ensure their experience with large-scale 3D printing is smooth and hassle-free.

Why BigRep?

“BigRep allows customers to print large-scale industrial parts in a cost-efficient and timely manner,” said Galdos, and the future for AM in Spain looks promising—new technology will evolve the market along with printers that can handle more than just prototypes. That being said, the industry has a few obstacles to overcome, before widespread adoption can occur—for example, higher repeatability and throughput. The BigRep PRO and EDGE solve this problem—with new speed and precision—setting a new standard for the industry, a long overdue evolution for AM.

Learn more about AyS Fabricación 3D at www.aysfabricacion3d.com and about Análisis y Simulación at www.aysplm.com and on LinkedIn & Twitter.

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