BigRep and NOWlab

As part of our dedication for design and innovation BigRep has presented at the 3D PRINTSHOW in Berlin the first artist collaboration with NOWlab architects Daniel Büning and Jörg Petri. The project is one of many collaboration with artists, architects and designers that BigRep is developing this year.

The original design is called the „ATLAS” Stool, it is the consequence of a deep admiration of the natural forces that shape the tectonics of mountain chains and their respective valleys and mountain peaks.

In an additive process material is added over time in a layer by layer manner, resulting in different height plateaus that can consist out of multiple matter. Therefore a cross-section of those topographic textures reveals the stratification (layered arrangement) of different materials over time.
The design process of the ATLAS stool is therefore under the explicit consideration and awareness of the above described geological phenomena. The typical layering procedure of the additive manufacturing process is here utilized in combination with a set of different materials to accentuate and underline the distinctiveness of the stools bottom view.

In this design case the typical characteristic of the FDM-manufacturing technology is therefore directly in cooperated into the design philosophy of the piece and underlines the uniqueness of its resulting silhouette.

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