BigRep Fine-Tunes Their Large-Scale 3D Print Strategy

We spoke with BigRep CEO Rene Gurka recently and learned more about the company’s strategy and upcoming moves.

BigRep, you may recall, was perhaps the first company to take the filament extrusion technology to a massive scale, producing a huge 3D printer capable of printing a meter on a side. The original machine was remarkably similar to its smaller cousins, but was simply much larger.

The market for such equipment was at first considered to be for artists who sought ways to 3D print large sculptures inexpensively (or at least compared to the industrial 3D printer  of the day, which were the only ones capable of such sizes.) But as BigRep and similar companies evolved, the companies discovered there was a market among industry for large 3D prints, perhaps again due to the cost of using the higher-end equipment.

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