BigRep teams up with Autodesk’s Spark

For us, the New Year started in Las Vegas. There, on 6 January, the Consumer Electronics Show CES in Las Vegas opened the doors. CES is not only a showcase for gadgets of every kind, from autonomous vehicles to wearable electronics. It´s also increasingly important for 3D printing. We took the opportunity to announce our next important step: BigRep is teaming up with Autodesk´s Spark, an open 3D-printing platform.

Spark is a complete, open and free platform for 3D printing that will connect digital information to 3D printers in a new way. It´s objectives are improving information exchange between design software and the printer, optimizing design before production begins and providing open APIs for a broad group of users to access and innovate the 3D printing pipeline.

We at BigRep are absolutely convinced, that simple 3D-printing just won´t be enough in the near future. Instead, we´ll need a complete ecosystem consisting of full scale printers and a cloud-printing service. Not for much longer, BigRep will be connecting thousands of printers globally enabling truly distributed manufacturing and innovative printable materials for industrial and professional use. Adopting Spark is a first but important step for us to realize this vision.

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