CAMS Announced as New United States Reseller

BigRep is proud to welcome Columbus Advanced Manufacturing Systems (CAMS) to the BigRep family. Their long-term commitment to geometric technologies aligns with our strategy to bring pioneering technology to global additive manufacturing (AM) markets. With sales operations in Ohio, Indiana, West Virginia, Michigan, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania, BigRep’s presence in the United States is now stronger with this valued reseller.

CAMS decided it was time to include BigRep 3D printers in their AM product suite given the large-scale and affordability of the printers. Ford, Gentex, Precision Aerospace, PCS-Misumi & Procter and Gamble are some of CAMS more notable customers, but they also supply AM solutions to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in different industries.

“We feel that large-scale 3D printing is a natural evolution for 3D technology. With improvements in high-performance materials and printing speeds, creating new industrial end-use parts is now a possibility. The ability to print full-size molds or tools, for example, has an enormous business impact in reducing costs and allowing skilled labor to be re-allocated where it is needed,” said Nate Forshey, Director of Additive Manufacturing Technologies at CAMS.

Technical Support is Essential

“One of the goals, that defines the strategy of CAMS is to do our best for customers by offering comprehensive technical support, training, and consulting services.  We understand that unexpected challenges arise, so we strive to get our customers back on track as quickly as possible,” added Forshey.

As a customer-centric business, CAMS is excited by the new capabilities of BigRep’s high-performance—BASF developed—materials and the next-generation 3D printers. Along with high-end materials and powerful hardware, both the BigRep PRO and EDGE come equipped with new MXT®—Metering Extruder Technology. Designers and manufacturers will now have limitless applications to gain a competitive advantage over traditional manufacturers.


The Future of AM 

“The sky is the limit,’ remarked Forshey, when looking to the future of the industry. There is the potential for items to transition from traditional manufacturing processes to on-demand 3D printing and for 3D printing to also compliment traditional manufacturing processes. Forshey uses the example of an MDF keyboard tray, which needs to be purchased and stored, then designed, nested, cut/routed, and finished, that is before post-processing and final assembly takes place. Indeed, with every step in the process, there are hundreds of skilled and unskilled labor costs. In contrast to 3D printing, where, for example, a keyboard tray can be custom printed; thus, eliminating inventory costs, and the printed part can go straight to the assembly line. The cost reductions are considerable, and with the new BigRep printers, an optimized manufacturing approach is realistic. A build envelope of over one cubic meter combined with a Bosch CNC motion control system, and print speeds of up to 5x traditional FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) technology, allow for high-speed and precise large-scale industrial printing.

BigRep’s next-generation of 3D printers will allow customers of CAMS to produce end-use parts at a high level of repeatability—a necessity for industrial producers.

Check out Columbus Advanced Manufacturing Systems at and subscribe to their blog to keep up-to-date with their latest news. Additionally, throughout 2019, they will host quarterly “Printers-n-Pints,” where industry enthusiasts will meet up and discuss AM solutions and specific applications.

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