First BigRep PRO installed at Boyce Technologies, Inc.

The highly anticipated innovative BigRep PRO has landed in New York at Boyce Technologies, Inc. This marks the first official installation of the PRO, powered by the new BigRep Metering Extruder Technology (MXT®) and state-of-the-art Bosch Rexroth CNC control system. Boyce Technologies is taking their additive process to the next level by adding the PRO to their already existing 3D printing workhorse, the BigRep STUDIO.

Boyce Technologies’ use of additive has grown rapidly from prototyping to printed molds for vacuum forming and manufacturing end-use parts additively. Presently, several end-use parts are produced with BigRep printers at Boyce Technologies for Verizon kiosks placed across New York City.

“With the PRO, we are now much more competitive because we’re able to produce large proofs of concepts faster than anyone else in the industry,” said Ajmal Aqtash, Director of Robotics at Boyce Technologies. “We’re a company known to move really fast. It’s our competitive advantage, and now with the PRO our additive capabilities have increased five times.”

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Boyce Technologies houses an ecosystem of industrial manufacturing tools that the PRO, their second BigRep printer, has joined. A unique solution, the PRO answers industry demands with a variety of powerful technologies working in tandem. BigRep’s powerful MXT technology is harnessed for fast, precise and astoundingly repeatable large-format prints. The Bosch Rexroth CNC control system facilitates 5G compatible data collection to monitor and optimize the BigRep PRO’s powerful additive manufacturing capabilities.

Want to learn more about Boyce Technologies’ additive activities? Watch our on-demand webinar with Ajmal Aqtash, Boyce Technologies Director of Robotics.

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