Imocom set to sell BigRep 3D Printers

BigRep is delighted to announce another reseller in Latin America—IMOCOM S.A.S —will begin selling our printers in Colombia, Central America, Ecuador and Venezuela. It’s another milestone for BigRep, as we continue to expand globally and partner with innovators in regional markets, where large-scale 3D printing is about to take off.

Since 1952, IMOCOM has been at the forefront of technology, contributing in a significant way to the development and growth of the manufacturing industry in Latin America. In Colombia alone, their work has impacted at least 10,000 companies—across all sectors—specializing in metal-mechanics and plastic industries. After reaching market leadership in Colombia, the company has built a strong presence in other countries of South and Central America.

In the 1960’s, IMOCOM was the first company in Colombia to import CNC machines; underpinning their commitment to providing the customers with the latest, high-tech machinery on the market. Another milestone was reached in the 70’s when La Sociedad SIG awarded the company with exclusive mining sector representation. As the largest distributor of machine tools, equipment, and accessories for the metalworking industry in Colombia, obtaining their ISO 9001 certification —the international quality management standard—supported their mission to supply machines that exceed regulatory requirements. In addition, IMOCOM was the first company in Colombia to import a 3D printer and continue to supply industry 4.0 ready machines.

It was this commitment to bring the world’s best technology to local Latin American markets that brought BigRep to their attention. The BigRep PRO and the BigRep EDGE are advanced industrial machines that enable large-scale printing with state-of-the-art metering extruder technology (MXT®) and print speeds on the PRO that exceed 600 mm per second. The EDGE—which was teased at Formnext—will redefine additive manufacturing when it is released in Q2 2019—with speeds of up to 1000 mm per second.

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“BigRep is a good solution for our market, our customers can produce tooling and functional parts in a quality that was not possible before. One of the other advantages of BigRep is the open-choice for materials, a fact that reduces costs considerably for end-users,” said Jorge Dueñas Vargas, Application Engineer for 3D printing and Additive Manufacturing at IMOCOM.

In terms of hardware, the PRO and the EDGE are unrivalled with CNC control systems by Bosch Rexroth, which deliver high-performance and high-repeatability. The new BigRep MXT® technology featured on both new printers will push maximum extrusion rates to 5x compared to standard FFF technology. It’s this powerful combination of new tech and advanced hardware that influenced IMOCOM to switch from a leading FFF 3D printing company to BigRep.

There is a lot of talk of additive manufacturing going mainstream and that is exactly what is happening in Colombia, as the industry leaders discover the potential to shorten lead times, reduce material waste, and lower energy usage. Consequently, additive manufacturing is reshaping existing manufacturing methods, enabling on-demand and lean manufacturing. Manufacturers across industries are reaping the benefits of improved productivity, efficiency and component quality by using bespoke jigs and fixtures.

This is an area where Dueñas sees additive manufacturing adding real value. With a 3D printer, parts can be made on-demand for short production runs at speed and with high repeatability. This repeatability is reducing scrap and labor costs for manufacturers globally. For instance, car manufacturers like Ford are producing components with integrated functionality—replacing the need for tools—thus reducing cutting development and production costs. Indeed, Colombia builds its primary metal-mechanic industry around the automotive sector, spawning a group of companies that manufacture parts; both for assemblers and for the replacement market—which has acted as a catalyst for growth in the industry.

IMOCOM who boast conglomerates like Siemens, Mazda, and GM, will now have a large-scale arsenal of advanced 3D printers to entice other major manufacturing companies to leverage the potential of additive manufacturing.

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