The man who prints houses visits BigRep

We at BigRep are used to think in large scales. Our printers have a printing volume of up to 1,5 cubic meters (53 cubic feet) and they are the largest serial 3D printers on the market at the moment. But this Italian Gentleman, who popped in at our booth at 3D Printshow in London today is a real giant. He was the first to build a working 3D printer for printing buildings and became world famous as “The Man Who Prints Houses’.

Dini spent a fortune on the development of his machine and the promotion of his ideas. He even ruined his privat life, but he is still going on. Two years ago, Dini developed the “Moebius House”. The house has the shape of a Moebius strip and is made up of printed elements. And Dini is even printing houses for fish! He printed an artificial coral reef, which is being tested in Bahrain. The elements serve as breakwaters, but their complex organic shapes also offers protection to fish and other sea creatures.

Dini´s visit was a great inspiration for us. We can learn a whole lot from this brilliant visionary. And on thing is for sure: Think big and never give up!

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