The sale is on

What´s the use of the best 3D printer in the world, if you can´t buy it? At BigRep we have been literally overwhelmed by the huge interest in our giant printers from the beginning. Now, the first printers have been shipped, production is ramping up and we have established a worldwide resellers network which is growing every month. In September, we hosted our first BigRep global resellers meeting. Here´s the list of our partners (in alphabetical order): China, Czech Republic, France, Israel, Italy, India, Jordan, Lithuania, UK, United Arab Emirates and Russia. This only for the time being, our resellers is growing by every month. So, if you are interested in buying one of our printers (sure you are!), you should have a look here from time to time. You´ll find all the updated contact details by contacting us here. Or send us an e-mail and we will route you to the next BigRep dealer.


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