Voting Now Open for BigRep Innovation Award Finalists

Hold onto your seats, people – we have some fantastic chair designs for you.

The inaugural BigRep Innovation Award closed on Sunday February 11th, and the teams here at BigRep HQ in Berlin and at NOVACAD Systems in Halifax were grinning from ear to ear, upon seeing the caliber of entries received out of Canada.

Our illustrious panel of judges – Gregor Ash, Lindsay Lawson, Brian Lilley and Amir Fattal – have shortlisted the entries received so far, down into a shortlist of 12 chair designs.

So, how does it work from here? Here are next steps:

In terms of criteria, the jury will decide based on the form, function and originality of the chair designs, and will also be taking the public vote into consideration. How the finalists have approached designing for 3D printing will be a key factor.

  • 1. Finalists have been notified via email, so now they need to encourage their friends and family to vote for their designs online!
  • 2. It’s a one person per vote situation (i.e. per IP address), so anybody can vote one time. Your mom, once. Your grandpa, once.
  • 3. The shortlisted candidates all had to be from Canada, but the votes don’t! So, send the link to your friends and family abroad, too!
  • 4. You will be able to track ‘likes’ and rankings will be displayed.
  • 5. Online voting closes on March 20 at 11:59 PM CET.
  • 6. The jury will take the online vote into consideration when making their final decision.
  • 7. The winner will be announced on or around April 10.

As NOVACAD Systems’ Gregor Ash said, “We’re looking for design and function as well – the whole idea of ergonomics and comfort. So, having a sense of how conceptual design from an aesthetic point of view connects to the concepts of materiality, in terms of how the item is constructed overall and going to hold together, is essential.”

And with that, everybody start voting!

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