We saw you at RAPID+TCT 2019

This year at RAPID+TCT, North America’s most influential additive manufacturing event, BigRep contributed to the industry’s ever-growing momentum by announcing a new and improved  additive workhorse. The introduction of BigRep’s new generation STUDIO G2 large-format 3D printer was met with enthusiasm. We heard from industry leaders just how exciting an accessible large-format printer capable of producing finely finished parts with engineering-grade materials is. If you missed the chance to see the STUDIO G2 live, take a look at our article introducing the Studio G2.

The highly anticipated BigRep PRO was also on the floor, displayed for the second time ever in North America. The PRO’s massive size, fully enclosed with a one cubic-meter build volume, astounding speed, precision, and engineering-grade materials demonstrated the impressive capabilities of BigRep’s brand new Metering Extruder Technology (MXT®). We were happy to announce that beta units are already being installed at some of BigRep’s trusted partners, like New York’s Boyce Technologies, Inc.

“At this year's RAPID+TCT we were excited to show how BigRep continues to redefine additive,” said Frank Marangell, President of BigRep America, Inc. “It's not easy to do large-format, but BigRep has solved a lot of past challenges that limited the technology. Now we’ve unlocked the size, speed, accuracy, and repeatability in additive that industrial users need.”


Marangell complimented the impressive knowledge from attendees at this year’s event, suggesting it may be a result of the continued adoption of 3D printing at the industrial level as access to engineering-grade materials within additive increases.

“BigRep has been an active participant in the industry’s growth,” he added. “The technology we presented at RAPID+TCT, the BigRep PRO and STUDIO G2, align to create industrial additive solutions for any business. They show how BigRep has moved on to the next industry challenge – enabling speed and precision with the engineering-grade materials that users demand.”

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The NERA, BigRep’s fully 3D printed eBike, also appeared at the event, presented for the first time ever in North America. It was accompanied by the vehicle’s designer, BigRep’s own Marco Mattia Cristofori, who was present to answer questions about the NERA’s design and how industry leaders can similarly harness the power of large-format 3D printing to create futuristic achievements.

"The NERA is made to be an inspiration for the automotive industry," Cristofori said, "We made it to open the industry's eyes to the potential of additive manufacturing today. It shows how processes are ripe for re-thinking with a totally new perspective. With today's additive technology we can make yesterday's impossible a reality in a faster, more sustainable and customizable way."


Cristofori took the stage during the conference’s applications track to share some insight into designing the NERA eBike and other challenging projects taken on by the innovation and consultancy department of BigRep’s NOWLAB that defy many of the assumed limitations of 3D printing. The NERA is just one example of revolutionary applications that companies at the forefront of their industries are capable of with large-format additive manufacturing at their disposal.

With the new wealth of 3D printing knowledge at the event came an innate understanding of the need for large-format additive and sights set beyond prototyping. Attendees were well informed that additive technology has evolved beyond initial prototyping applications and is now boasting new capabilities in producing end-use parts, and facility tooling by creating jigs and fixtures.

Here at BigRep we’re thrilled to have been a part of the prestigious happenings at RAPID+TCT and are proud to hear that our big innovations are meeting the industry’s growing needs.

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About BigRep:

BigRep develops the world’s largest serial production 3D printers, creating the industry benchmark for large-scale printing with the aim to reshape manufacturing. Its award-winning, German-engineered machines are establishing new standards in speed, reliability and efficiency. BigRep’s printers are the preferred choice of engineers, designers and manufacturers at leading companies in the industrial, automotive and aerospace sectors. Through collaborations with its strategic partners – including Bosch Rexroth, Etihad Airways and Deutsche Bahn – and key investors – including BASF, Koehler, Klöckner and Körber – BigRep continues to develop complete solutions for integrated additive manufacturing systems, as well as a wide range of printing materials on an open-choice source. Founded in 2014, BigRep is headquartered in Berlin with offices in Boston and Singapore. Leading the way in one of the world’s key technologies, our multinational engineering teams are highly trained, interdisciplinary and customer-focused.

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