Dual Extruder BigRep ONE.2

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Even if you decide to work with multiple colors, filament materials or nozzle diameters, making your prints vibrant and dynamic shouldn’t be difficult. Thanks to our versatile dual extruder, you can now switch strands at will without having to pause, disassemble or reload.

This device employs an optimized drive system that lets users move filament through dual hot ends with the same extruder. Unlike other architectures, the advanced design reduces the payload weight of the print carriage to minimize backlash and other unwanted behaviors that often contribute to inaccuracies at large scales and high print head travel speeds.We’ve engineered this device specifically for the kind of large-volume prints that the BigRep ONE is capable of, but we’re sure you’ll discover other awesome uses for it. Imbue your prints with a bit more flair by grabbing yours now.

 We provide top-quality, refurbished and fully reconditioned extruders for sale. They have been inspected and tested to ensure they perform properly.

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Number of Hotends 2
Max. temperature 250 Degree
Power per hotend: 100 watt for 2 Heating patrones
Supply voltage: 24 Volt
Supported material diameter: 2,75 mm – 3 mm