Highlights: BigRep at Formnext 2021

BigRep at Formnext 2021

After 24 long months of webinars, virtual demos and virtual events, the BigRep team was excited and ready to be back in-person at Formnext, the leading event for industrial 3D printing and additive manufacturing.

For BigRep, it was the perfect opportunity to present our new generation of large-format 3D printers – the improved and configurable BigRep ONE, the easier than ever BigRep PRO, and a wide range of customer applications.

BigRep booth at Formnext

At BigRep’s booth, the 3D printers, the new generation PRO for industrial applications and the improved ONE for creative innovation, took center stage. Their large size drew a lot of attention. Visitors were eager to learn more about features, open-source materials and all the possibilities of large-format 3D printing. Potential customers spoke about their needs to print their parts in full scale and about the long lead times and high costs caused by outsourcing production, which are two main reasons our customers have purchased a BigRep. The team also analyzed parts on-site at the trade show to show the cost per part and the additional value users can gain by using one of our printers.


The BigRep ONE that we know and love is a world-leading large-format 3D printer at an accessible price point. At Formnext we presented the improved version ONE.4. Perfect for prototyping, production, and a wide range of applications, the ONE comes equipped with new, lighter portal for much more precise prints and one BigRep fiber-ready Power Extruder (PEX) that features interchangeable 0.6, 1.0, and 2.0 mm nozzles for maximum detail or high-flow additive manufacturing.

Users can also configure their ONE and choose from single, dual, or twin extruder modes plus add-ons like an enclosed housing and even the printer’s color to create the perfect machine just for them. Then as their 3D printing needs evolve, users can upgrade their ONE with additional features to meet their new demands. ONE customers can benefit from packages that are tailored to their needs and applications.


With a 1 cubic meter build volume, the BigRep PRO is an industrial 3D printer for producing large size parts in full scale, such as functional prototypes, tools, patterns and molds as well as end-use parts. Built for productivity throughout all stages of manufacturing, the PRO provides designers, engineers, and manufacturers with an easy-to-use, agile solution to produce faster and cheaper with industrial materials as PA6/66, ASA and carbon fiber reinforced material like HI-TEMP CF and PA12-CF.

At Formnext we proved the latest PRO 3D printer is easier than ever thanks to BigRep JUMPSTART, a hybrid software-hardware solution that lets you skip the hassle and just start printing. It includes the SWITCHPLATE, a removable and flexible print bed surface, the LOCKSTAGE for easy and secure extruder mounting, and the MXT® Control System that bypasses manual calibration ensuring crucial first print layers are optimal every time. During the show, we printed an automotive jig from Ford in PA66 and BVOH. No other manufacturer of large-scale printers on the Formnext printed live, so this attracted a lot of attention.

Applications of Large-Format 3D Printing

BigRep customers use additive manufacturing to save time and money. At the BigRep booth at Formnext, several customers’ applications were on display from prototyping to tooling and molds to end use parts. Visitors were inspired by the part quality, printing times and materials exhibited.

Canyon Bicycles: Rapid Prototyping

Canyon Bicycles is thinking beyond boundaries set by traditional manufacturing and is testing the possibilities offered by new technologies like 3D printing. By having a large 3D printer in-house, 3D files can be printed without delay to achieve full-scale parts and frames, saving time and costs.

The shown bike frame was designed with that ambition, finding the ideal shape for a most effective and functional bike frame. The prototype attracted a lot of interest as it was also being printed live on the BigRep ONE with BigRep HI-TEMP CF and at a 0.6mm layer height. After less than two days (47 hours) print time, a 3.8 kg light innovative bike frame was produced.

3D Printed Furniture Formnext

RH Engineering: Design and End-Use Parts

Using their BigRep ONE, RH Engineering produces custom designed luxury furniture that creates a personalized ambiance in a room. Starting with a very challenging application, RH Engineering 3D printed this sink, which of course needed to be fully waterproof.

The end-use part was printed with PLA in 23 hours and weighed 2.1 kg. The sink on display was coated after printing, giving the surface a stone-like appearance. It was then actually used as a hand sink in the booth.

3D Printed Model Life-Size Dinosaur

CDM:Studio: Sculpting

Western Australian Museum came to CDM:Studio for help with an exhibit that would feature life size dinosaurs and other animals. The challenge: create over 110 models in just 9 months. To meet this short deadline, CDM:Studio invested in a BigRep ONE that was able to work around the clock, producing pieces as big as the dinosaur head on display.

The part was printed in BigRep PRO-HT in less than 3 days and weighed only 4.5 kg, which was a big benefit to CDM:Studio for mounting the dinosaurs.

Zoeller: Functional Prototypes and End-Use Parts

Using 3D printing, Zoeller is able to shape parts with surfaces and angles that could not have been produced by conventional manufacturing methods. This gives them the freedom to create design elements but also to implement previously impossible features like mounting sensors in a certain angle or integrating lights.

Parts like the one on display at the BigRep booth are printed on a BigRep PRO and installed on the trucks. This end-use part that would be mounted on the rear corner of a truck, was printed with 1824g of ASA in under two days.


Airflight: Molds for composite materials

Airflight develops drones for lifting applications. Lightweight construction and frequent adaptations pose a special challenge. Having a BigRep 3D printer gave them the ability to iterate large carbon fiber parts five times faster than with conventional CNC machining. Airflight is able to produce prototypes, jigs and fixtures, and molds like the part that was on display. This mold was printed in BigRep HI-TEMP CF in about 34 hours with 4.6 kg.

WAT Berlin (2)

WAT: Fixtures and tools

By 3D printing assembly fixtures for their new quality control system, WAT saves on the high costs commonly associated with custom-designed industrial tooling. Instead of having external suppliers produce these fixtures from aluminum or other metals, WAT uses their in-house printer to optimize workflows. This assembly fixture on display was printed in just 82.5 hours vs. several weeks prior to their BigRep.

You couldn’t join us at Formnext?

Watch your BigRep PRO Demo here

Our team of experts is ready to answer all your questions. Talk to us if you want to know more about additive manufacturing, the best materials for your application, and the best way to implement 3D printing in your company!

THINK BIG! We will help you to achieve your goals!

BigRep and Forward AM Expand Strategic Partnership with new Material, CONCRETE FORMWORK

3D Printed Concrete Formwork

BigRep and Forward AM, the 3D printing business of BASF, are excited to introduce a new material, CONCRETE FORMWORK, targeted to the architecture and construction industry.

Berlin, Germany. May 10, 2021. Architecture is the representation of a cultural era. By transforming its design language, creators can redefine the world around us. However, reality comes crashing down when conventional formwork solutions quickly reach their limits as construction elements become more complex. To overcome this challenge, Forward AM and BigRep are expanding their partnership and have joined forces again to leverage the synergies between their main areas of expertise: Virtual Engineering, Additive Manufacturing, advanced material development, and large-format printing.

Formwork, the molds used in concrete construction, can make up 40 - 60% of a total budget, especially for complex shapes. Without 3D printing, some designs like organic geometries, double-curved surfaces, and cavities are simply not feasible to produce. They require highly skilled laborers to build customized formwork resulting in high costs, long lead times, and material waste.

“We are excited to work with Forward AM to bring more solutions to the architecture and construction industry,” said Dr. Sven Thate, Managing Director of BigRep. “Our customers are seeing huge gains in terms of cost and speed thanks to our large-format machines and the new CONCRETE FORMWORK filament. Our solutions are opening the doors to many new possibilities.“

BigRep 3D printers, which are up to 1 cubic meter in build volume, can produce large, complex formwork up to 3x faster at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. With BigRep's new CONCRETE FORMWORK filament enabled by Forward AM, the massive benefits of 3D printed formwork are yours for the taking.

“At Forward AM, we developed a highly dimensionally stable, rigid formwork material, especially tailored to work seamlessly on the BigRep’s large-format3D printers. We are excited to be able to deliver this ready-to-use, end-to-end fabrication solution for bespoke formwork,” says François Minec, Managing Director BASF 3D Printing Solutions.

Demonstrating the material's effectiveness and advantages for the construction industry, Forward AM and BigRep showcase the “Bespoke Stair at Nest Step2,” designed by DBT at ETH Zürich with ROK, SW Umwelttechnik, and WaltGalmarini. The innovative concrete staircase expands the design possibilities of structural architectural elements, while minimizing costs, material waste, and skilled labor. NEST, to be built at EMPA in Zürich, is an innovative building utilizing digital fabrication and circular economy.

For more information on the partnership and to see the printers and material in action, visit

• BigRep https://bigrep.com/applications/concrete-formwork/

• Forward AM https://forward-am.com/use-cases-and-whitepapers/concrete-formwork/


Help Stop the Spread of COVID-19 with BigRep

Get involved by additively manufacturing protective equipment for your local community with BigRep.

The ongoing effects of COVID-19 are overwhelming many hospital and organizations who lack the supplies to respond as effectively as they can, and additive manufacturing is a technology with a unique capacity to make a difference. We’re asking you to be part of the solution and print protective face shields for organizations and citizens in your local community.

BigRep is already donating face shields to local organizations to provide protection from the novel coronavirus and we’d like you to join us. With the following face shield design you can help provide some desperately needed equipment in your community. On a BigRep ONE users can print up to 24 of the masks at once, so we're asking our network of partners and customers to get involved. To help, we’re offering a complementary 2.3kg spool of PLA in exchange for video footage of you producing the equipment on your BigRep 3D printers. We’ll use that footage to continue our call for action, getting more and more people involved in this movement.

Help Stop the Spread of COVID-19 with BigRep

The process is simple:

  • Download our face shield design file (130 mb)
  • Print as many face shields as you can
  • Source clear plastic screens for the shields
  • Donate the equipment to organizations in your community
  • Send video footage of your local action to BigRep for more material

Send your video footage to Amir Fattal ([email protected]), and if you need any help connecting to local organizations who might need these supplies please reach out to Alexander Levit ([email protected]).

Covid-19 Face Shield

About BigRep
BigRep develops the world’s largest serial production 3D printers, creating the industry benchmark for large-scale printing with the aim to reshape manufacturing. Its award-winning, German-engineered machines are establishing new standards in speed, reliability and efficiency. BigRep’s printers are the preferred choice of engineers, designers and manufacturers at leading companies in the industrial, automotive and aerospace sectors. Through collaborations with its strategic partners – including Bosch Rexroth, Etihad Airways and Deutsche Bahn – and key investors – including BASF, Koehler, Klöckner and Körber – BigRep continues to develop complete solutions for integrated additive manufacturing systems, as well as a wide range of printing materials on an open-choice source. Founded in 2014, BigRep is headquartered in Berlin with offices in Boston and Singapore. Leading the way in one of the world’s key technologies, our multinational engineering teams are highly trained, interdisciplinary and customer-focused.

For additional information, please contact:
To arrange an interview with BigRep’s executive management or NOWLAB team, and for more information on BigRep and its solutions, please contact:
Jürgen Scheunemann
PR & Communications BigRep GmbH
T: +49 30 9487 1430
E: [email protected]

Post-Processing for FFF Prints

3D Print PPost Processing eBook

Post-Processing for FFF prints

BigRep provides high-quality prints straight off the print bed, but post-processing can improve geometric and mechanical properties and creates a wowing aesthetic effect. By improving surface characteristics, post-processing widely extents the range of use cases and applications across all industries.

This eBook will explore the three types of FFF post-processing techniques: 1) Material Removal, 2) Material Addition and 3) Material Property Change. Also, learn how various techniques like high resolution tumbling, resin coating and aluminum plating are transforming 3D printed parts.






Two centuries of design meets 3D printing


Villeroy & Boch, a well known manufacturer of ceramics, is using the BigRep ONE to maximize prototyping and designing speed.
Johan de Groot, who works as a product designer, describes how the use of the BigRep ONE revolutionized the way they create prototypes and designs.
They are now able to produce bathtubs and shower trays one-to-one at high levels in about three weeks. This was unthinkable before the introduction of the BigRep ONE.

Firms across industries use BigRep’s large-format industrial 3D printer technology to reduce costs, develop better products and get to market quicker.


[PDF 3,23MO]

Cheaper & faster 1:1 prototyping

Fast industrial prototyping with BigRep 3D Printers - Download Ebook today



Steelcase, global leader in office furniture and space solutions maximizes their prototyping efficiency with the BigRep ONE.

Their designers in the Learning + Innovation Center (LINC) are using the the BigRep ONE 3D printer to create full-scale samples of their new projects. It allows them to have human scale version of their models and have a better idea of the way the final product would fit in a working space. With the 3D printer they try different patterns and can validate the best concepts.

“It’s quite a luxury to have such a large 3D printer to play with.” – Michael Held – Dir, Design EMEA & APAC at Steelcase.

Firms across industries use BigRep’s large-format industrial 3D printer technology to reduce costs, develop better products and get to market quicker.

(Seeing your Email? You are already registered by BigRep! Simply click “Yes, Get the eBook”)

[PDF 1,77 MO]

We 3D printed a sensor with conductive material




Industrial designers often dream up new products and then explore ways to manufacture them. Every now and again a highly innovative product emerges the other way around.
Daniel Büning and Jörg Petri, the founders of [email protected], were inspired by the potential of 3D printing. As Büning recalls, “We saw immediately that it would be a really nice idea to print modules that could be stacked together to create a space divider for an office space or a living room.” To properly test the capabilities of the technology, they added three extra requirements to their brief: incorporation of sound-proofing properties; an integrated lighting system; and a 3D-printed sensor to control the lighting system.


[PDF 1,73MO]

Fast custom concrete

3D printing - Construction industry, ebook to download for free


Find out how [email protected] and the construction company Geiger GmbH are using the BigRep ONE to create giant casting molds way faster than with conventional methods.

NOWLAB @BigRep presents a 3D printed formwork solution for concrete casting.
This giant mold was printed with the BigRep ONE for the Geiger GmbH, a german construction company based in Ansbach. It was used to rebuild the lintels as part of the buildings renovations. It enabled the client to save time and material.

Firms across industries use BigRep’s large-format industrial 3D printer technology to reduce costs, develop better products and get to market quicker.


[PDF 2,10MO]

Deutsche Bahn goes additive with BigRep

Download our free ebook - 3D printing


Find out how we designed a new Material for “Deutsche Bahn” so they can print perfect spare parts on demand to save on valuable storage space.

Deutsche Bahn wanted an alternative to the holding and maintaining huge warehouses for spare parts. BigRep was asked to develop a new material that complies with company and EU standards in order to enable spare part on-demand manufacturing.

Firms across industries use BigRep’s large-format industrial 3D printer technology to reducecosts, develop better products and get to market quicker.


[PDF 2,30 MO]

Villa Ancora – 3D Printed Architectural Model


Large Architectural Model 3D Printed in Only 11 Days

See how a BigRep industrial 3D printer effortlessly produces a complex architectural model in full detail and with a beautiful, high-impact finish.

BigRep printed an elaborate, contemporary villa concept in 1:50 scale in just 5 days, plus 1 day for slicing and 5 more for post-processing. The 3D model contains all the important complex elements in the intricate CAD design it is based on.


[PDF 3,60 MO]


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