Sand casting and Molding

Sand Casting & Molding
With BigRep 3D Printers

3D printing enables you to produce high-quality and affordable patterns quickly

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Sand casting is the process of creating an object from molten material using sand as mold. The mold cavities are created by compacting sand around a design pattern. This process, also known as metal casting or sand molded casting, can be simplified with the use of a 3D printer, such as the large-scale BigRep ONE or the mid-sized BigRep STUDIO. The utilization of a 3D printer to produce those patterns enables today’s foundry industry to produce cost effective and time-saving solutions with a competitive advantage over traditional production methods

Propeller printed with the BigRep ONE for sand casting
Propeller printed with the BigRep ONE for sand casting

3D models created by engineers with the use of a CAD software only need to be transferred to a BigRep 3D printer to be produced. This also means that you can rework easily your models after receiving a 3D visualization. It shortens the production cycle, reduces the use of resources and makes the complete process more cost and time-efficient.


Advantages of mold making with a BigRep 3D printer

► Sustainable
Reduce the creation of waste.

► Control
In-house production and total control of the work scheduling.

► Save money
Speed up the introduction of new parts and minimize development costs.

► Flexible
Easy to rework and modify design patterns before going into production.

► Complexity
Reach a level of product complexity not attainable with traditional methods.

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