Additive Manufacturing: Everything You Need to Know

Additive Manufacturing (AM) isn’t just one process. It’s a whole workflow that can impact product development from design to manufacturing. Dive into how AM works, where it can be used, and what the future might bring.

Guide to Post Processing 3D Printed Parts

In this guide, you learn about common 3D printing post processing methods for use at home or in the workshop to help you find the right workflow to perfect your parts.

From Idea to Functioning 3D Printed Motorcycle in 12 Weeks

NERA shows that the low cost and fast results of Additive Manufacturing allows designers to immediately test prototypes and rapidly produce iterations of experimental engineering.


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Large-format 3D printed art sculpture by Welly Fletcher

Symbiosis of Art and Technology Through Large-Format 3D Printing

US contemporary Artist Welly Fletcher builds a bridge to prehistoric cave art with a Large-Format 3D printed sculpture made with the BigRep ONE.

aftermarket_blog_photo_1 (1)

Finished to Perfection: Post Processing Techniques for 3D Printed Car Parts

Post processing techniques for the automotive aftermarket involve sequential steps that make the 3D printed part’s surface structurally robust and visually aesthetic. Learn how to perfectly finish and achieve superior prints for a range of car customizations.

Students are looking at the 3D printed Rotor Blades

3D Printing Powers Wind Turbine Research at TU Berlin

Re-engineering massive 80-meter wind turbine blades in a lab might seem like a monumental task but not for the Ph.D. students at TU Berlin who turned to 3D printing.

3D printed tooling for vestas windmills.jpg

Winds of Change for Vestas: 3D Printed Tooling Transforms Wind Turbines

When Vestas needed to replace the jigs and fixtures that help construct their towering wind turbines, 3D printed tooling delivered where traditionally manufactured metal ones failed.

Learn how the renewable energy giant leverages 3D printing for tooling, sustainable manufacturing processes and beyond.

BigRep 3D printed drum cover image

3D Printing Reinvents the Bass Drum Without Missing a Beat

Oliver Deeg, a drummer, AM enthusiast, and product engineer enlisted BigRep to design and bring his vision to life – A 3D Printed 24-inch Bass Drum with 6 USPs.

BigRep ONE.4 Large-Format 3D Printer

The Definitive Guide to 3D Printing: The Past, Present, and Future

From its humble beginnings as a niche technology for prototyping to its current spectrum of capabilities, 3D printing has spawned a new generation of manufacturing.

In this article we explore the origins of 3D printing, its big moments in history, applications, and the future it holds.


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BigRep and HAGE3D merger at Formnext 2023

BigRep Turns Up The Heat With HAGE3D Acquisition

BigRep announces the acquisition of HAGE3D, expanding BigRep’s full-solution ecosystem to include high-temperature applications, offering a powerhouse of innovation and possibilities.


SFM Technology Create the First Helicopter Blade Restraint Cradle With 3D Printing Technology

Urgently requested to provide cradles for helicopters, SFM Technology turned directly to the BigRep PRO.

Makerspace BigRep

Koehler Group Promotes Innovations and Lends MakerSpace a Large Format 3D Printer from BigRep

UnternehmerTUM’s MakerSpace will use newly loaned 3D printer from BigRep and Koehler for designing prototypes.

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