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Gyroid Webinar

3D-Printed Gyroid: Improving Structurally Demanding Applications

Learn how gyroid infill can improve mechanical properties and reduce material usage and weight in Additive Manufacturing, ranging from renewable energy to biomedical applications.

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Webinar: Carbon Fiber 3D Printing

Adding carbon fiber (CF) to filaments improves both strength and stiffness. The added strength and increased stiffness provided by the addition of CF leads to a better strength-to-weight ratio, achieving lighter, stronger parts with less printing time.

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BigRep CONNECT webinar

Learn how BigRep CONNECT, a one-stop platform connecting you with your BigRep 3D printers, can boost productivity with remote monitoring and data analytics. It’s fully web-based, giving you access no matter where you are or what device you use.


Webinar: BigRep FLOW

BigRep FLOW Learn how FLOW – BigRep’s customizable SaaS service and workflow automation tool can drastically reduce production time & costs by parameterizing recurring applications and designs. Mirek Classen will guide you through this webinar, showing examples from real applications and the potential which lies within the tool. Example applications we will present will be … Read more


Webinar: 6 Time Factors About The BigRep PRO

6 Time Factors About The BigRep PRO. The BigRep PRO is an industrial large-format 3D Printer to support your company’s development and production. Not only can the PRO help you save time and money, but it’s built for EASE-OF-USE.


Jigs & Fixtures Webinar

Production fixtures and tooling are expensive and slow to manufacture, their fabrication is often outsourced, and it usually takes several design iterations before the first prototype is found. Hand-held fixtures are often difficult and cumbersome to use, while complex fixtures can require extensive assembly and expensive components.


How 3D printing is Helping Speed up Time to Market and Customize Emergency and Upfit Commercial Vehicles

Commercial vehicles like refuse collection trucks and fire engines place high demands on their components. Maximum reliability, extreme toughness, and the need to replace parts quickly are vital factors for choosing the proper manufacturing process for truck parts.


BigRep ONE Product Demonstration and Application Showcase

The BigRep ONE provide large-scale innovation and limitless creativity. Hear from BigRep’s head of product marketing on all the great new features and add-on’s of the ONE.4 including a new enclosure, filament dry box, camera, and more. Plus see how our customers are using their ONE everyday from creative applications to industrial production solutions.


BigRep Virtual Demo

Join BigRep’s 3D printing experts as they introduce you to BigRep’s fleets of 3D printers – the ONE, STUDIO (G2) and PRO. Live from BigRep’s North American headquarters, we give you an in-depth look at our printers so you can understand how each machine works and what it takes to optimize the printer for your needs. From materials to speed and reliability to ease of use, see how BigRep 3D printers can help you be faster and save costs.

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