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1M³ Industrial 3D Printer


BigRep PRO 3D Printer

1M³ Industrial 3D Printer



1m³ Powerhouse

With one cubic meter build volume you can print massive parts or multiple batches using a wide range of materials including engineering-grade ASA and carbon fiber reinforced.



Replace expensive, time consuming traditional production and outsourcing with in-house additive manufacturing to see massive savings today.

BigRep PRO 3D Printer Versatility


Whether you need fast 3D printing, fine resolution, or engineering materials, the PRO delivers for any application from prototyping, tooling, to end-use parts.


With a 1 cubic meter build volume, the BigRep PRO is an industrial 3D printer for producing full-scale, large parts including functional prototypes, factory tooling, patterns and molds, and end-use parts. Built for productivity throughout all stages of manufacturing, the PRO provides designers, engineers and manufacturers with an agile solution to produce faster and cheaper.

Powered by a state-of-the-art Bosch Rexroth CNC Control System and BigRep’s Precision Motions Portal, the PRO delivers on speed, precision and quality. Embrace agile manufacturing and rethink your prototyping and production process with smart technology designed to complement conventional machining methods and enhance the next generation of industrialization.

See the BigRep PRO in Action

This short demo will walk you through how fast and easy it is to print quality parts on the BigRep PRO.

  • Easy slicing with BigRep BLADE, our free slicing software
  • PRO hardware features and filament dry storage
  • Dual ACE extruders for engineering grade materials
  • Quality parts made fast, accurate, at a low cost per part
3D Printing with the BigRep PRO

“  I didn’t think I needed 3D printing and now I can’t live without it.

- Charles Boyce, President of Boyce Technologies Inc.

Industrial Applications with the BigRep PRO



Agile Iteration For Reduced Time to Market

  • Produce full scale functional parts from alpha phase to zero series
  • Learn faster and iterate designs in hours and days, not weeks and months
  • Avoid expensive, outsourced, and traditional slow production

Read how Nikola Corporation uses the PRO to produce fit checks and functional prototypes.



Improve Production Workflows

  • Customize tools for perfect fit, reduced weight, and ergonomic design
  • Slash lead times with on-demand production and avoid outsourcing logistics
  • Reduce production and material costs of optimized tooling

Read how Ford Motor Company uses the PRO for factory tooling, welding fixtures and more.



Save Money and Time with Agile Production

  • Replace high-cost patterns and molds made from expensive materials
  • Speed up design iteration, product testing, and production
  • Minimize outsourcing, external logistics, and supply chain dependence

Read how Airflight uses BigRep to produce molds for carbon fiber, large-scale drone components.



Rapid Production of Any Lot Size on Demand

  • From small-series production to unique parts without added costs
  • Produce on-demand to reduce inventory and warehousing
  • Reduce lead times and get to market fast to stay ahead of the competition

Read how Jamade uses BigRep 3D printers to manufacture large-scale end use parts.

Filaments for the BigRep PRO 3D Printer


The BigRep PRO is designed to print engineering-grade and fiber-reinforced materials as well as bio-polymers and water soluble support. The PRO is 3rd party material compatible, meaning you can print with BigRep materials as well as other brands.

Suitable for a wide range of applications, BigRep's portfolio of industrial 3D printer filaments includes affordable, general use materials to high-quality, engineering-grade materials for demanding industrial applications in a variety of colors with spool sizes up to 8 kg, so you won't need to exchange spools during large prints.





Get to know the BigRep PRO 3D Printer



The 1m³ Build Volume

The PRO continues BigRep’s tradition of innovation in large-format 3D printing. Designed to print massive, industrial parts, as well as batches of smaller parts, its fully enclosed one cubic meter build volume ensures consistent print temperatures and safety from hazards on the factory floor. Its glass doors allow visual monitoring throughout the creation of demanding, geometrically complex parts in full scale.



The Precision Motions Portal

The PRO's massive 1m3 build volume is supported by its custom-built, heavy duty gantry engineered for high speed, fast acceleration, and heavy payloads. Its robust welded frame eliminates vibrations during printing assuring smooth movement of the extruders that glide along a reinforced double rail system. Sturdy Bosch servo motors power the precise movement with internal encoders able to calculate real-time location of the print head and self-monitor for position accuracy.

ACE 3D Printer Extruder


The Fiber-Ready ACE Extruder

BigRep's Advanced Capability Extruder (ACE) expands the material capabilities of the PRO while still reliably delivering quality prints with speed and precision. ACE is a direct drive extruder, perfectly equipped for fiber reinforced materials such as BigRep's HI-TEMP CF. With ACE you can print large-format, strong parts 50% faster than other large-scale printers.



The Bosch Rexroth CNC Control System

An advanced Bosch Rexroth CNC motion-control system elevates the PRO’s responsiveness for unquestionable speed, precision, and repeatability. Local data collection for real-time monitoring with 32 integrated sensors ensures optimal print process and reliability. Fleet management is made easier with live webcam view of print progress. The industrial-grade BOSCH Safe Logic 2-channel failsafe system safeguards users by instantly stopping the portal if the enclosure is opened during printing.

Studio_G2_Filament_Storage_3D_Printers_Bigrep (1)


The Dry Material Storage

The PRO’s environmentally sealed filament chamber ensures that stocks of all materials, including engineering-grade and water-soluble, can be well maintained and remain consistently dry in ideal operating condition for reliable, repeatable, and quality printing. Well preserved filaments will help reduce extruder clogging and avoidable wear on components to reduce downtime and extend the life of your machine.



The BigRep BLADE Slicing Software

As one of the fastest and most precise slicer software on the market, BigRep BLADE is optimized for industrial part slicing for rapid, hassle-free 3D printing preparation. Its integrated estimation engine gives accurate printing time and material use predictions for unmatched planning and productivity. Preloaded presets for all compatible BigRep materials, as well as automated part orientation, batch placement, and support generation means you can easily slice your prints in just a few clicks.

“The first prints that we ran lasted 17 days. Since then, we have been running the PRO non-stop to print parts and components using its large capacity, high resolution and accuracy throughout the entire process. ”

- Riley Gillman, Technical Operations Manager of Nikola Corporation

Technical Specifications

Build Volume up to x 1020, y 970, z 985 mm (x 40, y 38, z 39 inches)
Machine Size x 1950 y 2500 z 2105 mm / x 78 y 98 z 83 inches (with tower)
Materials Bio-Plastics: PRO-HT, PETG
Engineering Grade: ASA, PA6/66
Fiber Reinforced: HI-TEMP CF
Support: Water Soluble (BVOH)
3rd Party Material Compatibility
Slicing Software BigRep BLADE
Extruders ACE
Extrusion Technology Fiber Ready Advanced Capabilities Extruder (ACE)
for materials versatility, Direct Drive Extrusion
Max. Extruder Throughput with 1 mm Nozzle up to 130 g/h
Nozzle Diameters 0.6 mm, 1.0 mm
Layer Heights 0.3 mm, 0.6 mm
Achievable Part Accuracy ±0.2mm or ±0.002mm/mm (whichever is greater)*
Material Storage 2x sealed keep dry filament chambers supporting up to 8 kg spools each
Safety Certifications CE, and EC Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC Compliant

* accuracy depends on part geometry and material used

BigRep PRO - Data Sheet

Request Pricing or Talk to a 3D Printing Expert

 Find out what the BigRep PRO can do for you.

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