Unlimited Creativity in 3D Printed Exhibitions

Whether it's fine art, museum displays, or innovative installations, BigRep 3D printers are essential for large-scale creative projects.


Your imagination is the only limit to what you can create with a 1m3 build volume of BigRep 3D printers.


Keep on schedule to manage tight deadlines by avoiding manual labor and outsourcing.


3D printing can reduce costly material waste and replace expensive skilled labor.

Many artists and creative producers are eager to implement the latest technology to achieve their visions. BigRep users in creative fields all rejoice similar sentiments about printing with their BigReps: there is simply no other way to produce their unique visions, let alone within given timeframes and budgets. BigRep 3D printers are large-scale to accommodate big projects with the speed to produce faster than traditional methods. By digitizing the fabrication process, creative users open a door to a much wider spectrum of possibilities, only limited by what they can dream up.

Realistic, Life Sized 3D Printed Dinosaur Models

CDM: Studio created over 110 beautifully life-like dinosaur models in just 9 months. The massive project is part of the permanent exhibition at the Western Australian Museum.

Read more here.

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Unique Sculptures, Massive Installations, and Everything in Between

Studio Artefact creates an impressive range of large-scale creative projects from sculpture commissions, commercial displays, and even a functional Burning Man installation.


Super-Sized 3D Printed Skeleton Sculpture

Artist Andreas Greiner transformed a CT-scan of a chicken skeleton into a 3D printed seven meter high sculpture for an exhibition at the Berlinische Gallery.

Read more here.

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Code-Based Sculpture With Complex Geometries

The 3D printed sculpture by Juergen Mayer H. visualizes the code that banks use to disguise information, such as on the inside of envelopes. Due to it's complex form, 3D printing was the only technology to translate the digital model into a physical reality.

Read more here.

3D Printed Molds for Concrete Casting Public Sculpture

When specific materials are required for creative projects, like concrete public sculptures fabricated by BB Beton, 3D printed molds can offer an excellent solution for a unique production.

Read more about concrete formwork here.

Image © Veilhan, Alexis Bertrand / Bildkunst and Robin Hayes, 2020
Image © Veilhan, Alexis Bertrand / Bildkunst and Robin Hayes, 2020

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