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How Kawasaki Optimized Production with 3D Printed Tooling


Learn how Kawasaki Motors Corp.’s Lincoln, USA manufacturing facility optimized automotive and aerospace production processes and saved up to 85% of costs on production tooling by bringing in BigRep’s large-format additive manufacturing systems.

Kawasaki wasn’t a stranger to 3D printing before diving into large-format with their BigRep, and their wealth of experience with advanced manufacturing equipment helped inform their purchase. By opting to invest in their own facility instead of depending on outsourced parts and production tooling, Kawasaki brought supply chains in house, streamlined engineering and logistical workflows, and returned their investment in just 6 months.

Read this large-format additive guide to find out…

  • How in-house supply chains create incredible savings on production tooling
  • Why automotive engineers trust BigRep’s AM materials in their manufacturing processes
  • How on-demand additive can quickly solve unexpected production bottlenecks
  • How large-format 3D printers bring added value to manufacturing and research facilities

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