POLYAERO’s Mixed Reality Aerospace Programs

POLYAERO's Mixed Reality Aerospace Programs

Learn how POLYAERO (Aix-Marseille University) used large-format additive manufacturing to create their mixed-reality aeronautical engineering program.

In partnership with Airbus, POLYAERO has developed unique accredited degree programs in aerospace engineering and maintenance. Using two novel technologies, large-format additive manufacturing and virtual reality, they’ve overcome the limitations of aerospace technology available to universities.

POLYAERO’s one-of-a-kind mixed-reality learning system balances the benefits of virtual reality and 3D printed mockup parts. It’s an ideal training solution that provides students with the tools they need to safely gain valuable hands-on experience.

Read this 3D printing university case study to find out...

  • Why large-format additive manufacturing and mixed-reality are a perfect match
  • How POLYAERO and Aix-Marseille used 3D printing to improve learning
  • How education with industrial 3D printing provides added value to future engineers
  • Why additive manufacturing is a growing trend in aerospace industries

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