How to Reduce Lead Time with In-House Supply Chains

How to Reduce Lead Time with In-House Supply Chains

Find out how designers and manufacturers across industries have created incredible efficiencies in their usual project timelines by adopting large-format 3D printing technologies.

Industrial leaders around the world like Ford Motor Company, Airbus SAS, Steelcase and more have leveraged BigRep’s large-format additive manufacturing systems to avoid the pitfalls of early stage product development, tackle traditional production bottlenecks, and create valuable opportunities for increased testing and iterating. They’ve realized massive reductions in time-to-market and increased product quality by implementing industrial 3D printing for novel manufacturing solutions.

Read this collection of industrial 3D printing case studies to learn…

  • How 9 industrial leaders have effectively leveraged industrial AM
  • How AM can reduce lead times by up to 94%
  • How to overcome supply chain bottlenecks
  • The limitations of traditional workflows
  • How novel applications and workflows drive business

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