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BigRep stands behind its printers.

The BigRep PRO is a 1 m3 powerhouse, built to take you from prototyping to production. It provides a highly scalable solution to manufacture end-use parts, factory tooling, and more using high-performance, engineering-grade materials. Compared with other FFF printing solutions, the PRO can produce full-scale, accurate parts faster and at lower cost per part. 

BigRep stands behind its printers, so let us prove it to you. Upload your part and we will send you a free report including 3D print analysis, cost per part, and high-definition vs. high-speed print comparison.


What savings can you expect?

Production times and cost per part are dependent on you specific part. To get a first impression of what savings you can expect, we analyzed this sample part to compare the BigRep PRO to conventional FFF 3D printing methods.

Sample Part: BigRep Manifold
Dimensions: 170 x 170 x 320 mm
Material: ASA
Layer Height: 0.3 mm

cost reduction

The competitively priced PRO and affordable BigRep materials means that you can save big on 3D printed parts. The BigRep PRO saves 60% on cost per part compared to the competition and over 2.5X cheaper than outsourcing options.

Lead Time (1)

The BigRep PRO prints 50% faster than our leading competitors. Compared to outsourced FFF printing, the BigRep PRO sweeps the competition with 10X faster lead times.
*Competitor samples printed with comparable print settings and materials

"Since then, we have been running the PRO non-stop to print parts and components using its large capacity, high resolution and accuracy throughout the entire process. "

Riley Gillman, Technical Operations Manager of Nikola Corporation

"With a more industrial system, we can bridge the gap between software, materials and hardware for true production purposes.” The BigRep PRO is a robust piece of machinery that is scalable, repeatable and reliable. Something all our partners are interested in."

Steve Longpre, Berkshire

"BigRep allowed us to iterate large-scale carbon fiber parts 5x times faster than with standard CNC milling. With one machine we can produce prototypes, molds, jigs, and fixtures."

Mikkel Kærsgaard Sørensen, Technical Director and Co-Founder of Airflight


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