Inhouse Exhibition: Thing Big Tour

Think Big Tour

Join the BigRep team and our partners as we travel across the country showcasing the power of large-format 3D printing and how our customers THINK BIG. Experience the power of BigRep printers in person and see the quality of parts and how big can help you be faster and save money. Meet with the team to discuss your application, your challenges and how we can help you overcome them.

You THINK BIG, we'll help you get there!

At the event you’ll learn more about:

  • BigRep Printers – BigRep printers are design to help take you from prototyping to production with full-scale quality parts.
  • BigRep BLADE – BigRep slicing software that is built to increase you print time accuracy and material usage
  • Materials – BigRep develops and certifies materials from PLA to carbon fiber and everything in between for our printers, but is also open source!

Attend an open house and purchase a BigRep Printer by October 29th and automatically receive $1000 material credit.

Register for the event nearest you. Don’t see an event near you? Contact us and we’ll help you experience the power of BigRep and THINK BIG.

August 25 Toronto, Canada CAD microsolutions Register
August 25 San Francisco, CA dynamism Register
August 26 SARATECH Register
September 7 Lancaster, PA Register
September 9 Montreal, Canada CAD microsolutions Register
September 15 Union City, CA
Sacramento, CA
Selway Register
September 21 Chicago, IL dynamism Register
September 23 Lake Mary, FL NeoMetrix Register
September 23 Minneapolism MN RevB Register
September 28 Denver, CO RevB Register
Select Additive Register
September 30 Miller 3D Register
October 5 Delray Systems Register
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