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Kennedy Valve

Kennedy Valve invested in a BigRep industrial 3D printer to modernize their aging sand casting workflow. They vastly improved upon the external supply strategy that had replaced their long-retired in-house pattern shop. Just by modernizing their factory floor with an industrial 3D printer, they reduced sand casting expenses by an astounding 22% while still retaining outsourcing for their post-processing needs.


Learn Industrial Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM) Methods

Watch Additive Manufacturing (AM) experts Frank Marangell and Forbes 30 under 30 Italy recipient Macro Mattia Cristofori as they discuss, and teach, Design for Additive Manufacturing in industrial applications.


Integrating Large-Format Additive Manufacturing into your Production

Industrial leaders around the world are gaining a competitive advantage, cutting costs, and future-proofing their business by integrating large-format additive manufacturing into production.


From Desktop to Industrial – How Upgrading your Tools Upgrades your Processes

Large-format additive manufacturing removes the constraints of more standard sized build envelopes, enabling the creation of large, industrial parts in one print for optimal strength, speed, and minimal post-processing.

Thought Leader Exchange Additive and its Impact on Manufacturing

Thought Leader Exchange: Additive and its Impact on Manufacturing

Join Frank Marangell, Michael Whitens and The Additive Report Editor, Don Nelson, for a virtual round-table discussion on the current state of the additive manufacturing industry and where it’s headed.


Speed, Precision and Connectivity for Factory 4.0 – Bosch-Rexroth & BigRep

Increasingly, additive manufacturing is being integrated into new production processes. 3D printing technology is being applied for end-use parts, increasing in connectivity, and becoming an all-encompassing solution for modern manufacturing facilities.


How Ford is Optimizing Manufacturing with 3D-Printed Tooling and Fixtures

Jigs and fixtures are a mainstay of manufacturing and make production and assembly processes simpler and more reliable, reducing lead times and improving worker safety. Ford Motor Company has compared 3D-printed jigs and fixtures to conventional machining, finding they take less time and cost a fraction to produce.

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Integrating 3D Printing into your Traditional Manufacturing Process

Additive manufacturing is becoming more and more integrated into the design and production environment, working in tandem with traditional manufacturing processes and coexisting on the manufacturing floor.


From Ideation to Creation – Optimize your Design Process with 3D Printing

3D printing is an incredibly powerful tool that is helping designers and engineers rethink the design process. One of the greatest advantages of 3D printing provides the design process is gaining a competitive advantage and getting to market faster.

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