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Applications for the BigRep ONE

BigRep One is a tool designed for professionals and creators who are seeking cost effective and high performance 3D printing systems that produce full-scale build-volume objects.

Technical Specifications

BigRep One features a no compromise full aluminum frame design and professional CNC components to provide the strength and robustness for thousands of successful printing hours.

Big Ideas. Big Prints.

Founded in 2014, BigRep set sail to transform the 3D printing and manufacturing business. With its 1m³ volume, the BigRep ONE.2 opens the gateway to a new dimension of 3D printing and 3D manufacturing.

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17 Apr 2015

3D printing shoots for the moon — and your furniture

3D printing opens up a world of possibilities, from recreating human body parts in plastic and cells to making mind-bending designs otherwise impossible with standard production techniques. But its broadest impact may be on some of the more mundane part of our lives. […] via

4 Apr 2015

Interview: Influence of 3D design and printing on design processes

Posted in From the Web

Today’s interview guest was Amir Fattal, Director Creative Projects at BigRep GmbH

4 Apr 2015

BigRep and NOWlab

Posted in Design

As part of our dedication for design and innovation BigRep has presented at the 3D PRINTSHOW in Berlin the first artist collaboration with NOWlab architects Daniel Büning and Jörg Petri. The project is one of many collaboration with artists, architects and designers that BigRep is developing this year. The original design is called the „ATLAS” Stool, it is the consequence of a deep […]