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Ford upscales their in-house tooling with BigRep 3D printers

Learn how Ford Motor Company optimized factory-floor tooling production with a 94% lead time reduction by introducing BigRep large-format additive manufacturing. With over 30 years of experience in additive manufacturing, Ford upscaled their Cologne prototyping facilities with two BigRep additive systems. After first acquiring a BigRep ONE, Ford returned their investment with just one application.


JC Steele’s Efficient Sand Casting with Large-Format Additive Manufacturing

EBOOK JC STEELE’S EFFICIENT SAND CASTING STRATEGY WITH LARGE-FORMAT ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING Learn how JC Steele optimized their sand-casting process, reducing expenses by 75% and increasing annual productivity by over 50% with BigRep large-format 3D printers. JC Steele turned to BigRep large-format additive manufacturing to quickly produce the massive patterns their business is centered around. They’ve … Read more


Boyce Technologies’ Additive Solutions to Win Business

EBOOK BOYCE TECHNOLOGIES’ ADDITIVE SOLUTIONS TO WIN BUSINESS Read how Boyce Technologies, prominent designer and manufacturer of products for public safety security and communications systems, implements their large-format additive technology to produce end-use parts in systems throughout New York. Boyce Technologies has long been familiar with traditional manufacturing processes, offering expertise with multi-axis CNC machining, … Read more

3D Printing in Education and Research

Large-format 3D printers for education and research

EBOOK LARGE-FORMAT 3D PRINTERS FOR EDUCATION AND RESEARCH Read how Kingston University, Helmut Schmidt University and more are using BigRep 3D printers for their classrooms and research. Universities and colleges constantly commit resources to being future-ready institutions that prepare students for careers of dynamic change with relevant knowledge and life-long skills. Additive manufacturing has proven … Read more

Guide to Large Format Additive Manufacturing

Guide to Large-Format Additive

Increasing the build size increases the possibilities for builds: users can create larger parts, removing the constraints of more standard sizes of build envelopes. 3D printing a large part all at once means less time is spent designing around multiple print jobs, less time assembling multiple parts, and more time getting those parts to work for you.

3D Print PPost Processing eBook

Post-Processing for FFF Prints

EBOOK Post-Processing for FFF prints BigRep provides high-quality prints straight off the print bed, but post-processing can improve geometric and mechanical properties and creates a wowing aesthetic effect. By improving surface characteristics, post-processing widely extents the range of use cases and applications across all industries. This eBook will explore the three types of FFF post-processing … Read more


Two centuries of design meets 3D printing

EBOOK VILLEROY & BOCH 3D PRINTING INDUSTRIAL DESIGN PROTOTYPES Villeroy & Boch, a well known manufacturer of ceramics, is using the BigRep ONE to maximize prototyping and designing speed. Johan de Groot, who works as a product designer, describes how the use of the BigRep ONE revolutionized the way they create prototypes and designs. They … Read more

Fast industrial prototyping with BigRep 3D Printers - Download Ebook today

Cheaper & faster 1:1 prototyping

EBOOK CHEAPER & FASTER 1:1 PROTOTYPING HOW THE BIGREP ONE HAS ENHANCED FURNITURE DESIGN PROCESSES AT STEELCASE Steelcase, global leader in office furniture and space solutions maximizes their prototyping efficiency with the BigRep ONE. Their designers in the Learning + Innovation Center (LINC) are using the the BigRep ONE 3D printer to create full-scale samples … Read more


We 3D printed a sensor with conductive material

EBOOK WE 3D PRINTED A SENSOR WITH CONDUCTIVE MATERIALS YOU CAN IMAGINE IT. YOU CAN DESIGN IT. YOU CAN PRINT IT Industrial designers often dream up new products and then explore ways to manufacture them. Every now and again a highly innovative product emerges the other way around. Daniel Büning and Jörg Petri, the founders … Read more

3D printing - Construction industry, ebook to download for free

Fast custom concrete

EBOOK GEIGER 3D PRINTING CONCRETE CASTING MOLDS Find out how NOWlab@BigRep and the construction company Geiger GmbH are using the BigRep ONE to create giant casting molds way faster than with conventional methods. NOWLAB @BigRep presents a 3D printed formwork solution for concrete casting. This giant mold was printed with the BigRep ONE for the … Read more

Download our free ebook - 3D printing

Deutsche Bahn goes additive with BigRep

EBOOK DEUTSCHE BAHN GOES ADDITIVE WITH BIGREP Find out how we designed a new Material for “Deutsche Bahn” so they can print perfect spare parts on demand to save on valuable storage space. Deutsche Bahn wanted an alternative to the holding and maintaining huge warehouses for spare parts. BigRep was asked to develop a new … Read more


Villa Ancora – 3D Printed Architectural Model

EBOOK Large Architectural Model 3D Printed in Only 11 Days See how a BigRep industrial 3D printer effortlessly produces a complex architectural model in full detail and with a beautiful, high-impact finish. BigRep printed an elaborate, contemporary villa concept in 1:50 scale in just 5 days, plus 1 day for slicing and 5 more for … Read more

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