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Villa Ancora – 3D Printed Architectural Model

EBOOK Large Architectural Model 3D Printed in Only 11 Days See how a BigRep industrial 3D printer effortlessly produces a complex architectural model in full detail and with a beautiful, high-impact finish. BigRep printed an elaborate, contemporary villa concept in 1:50 scale in just 5 days, plus 1 day for slicing and 5 more for … Read more


High-Performance 3D-Printed Bionic Propeller

EBOOK 3D Printed Bionic Propeller Industrial Design Metal Cast Pattern The Bionic Propeller is an innovative component designed to increase thrust performance by 19% and reduce noise emissions by 30%. The BigRep ONE comes into its own to precision-manufactures large, complex, research-driven industrial designs like this. The Bionic Propeller design incorporates two principles inspired by … Read more

Ebook Sand casting 3D printing BigRep

Large Metal Cast Patterns Produced 33% Faster

EBOOK LARGE METAL CAST PATTERNS PRODUCED 33% FASTER Teignbridge Propellers International is a high-performance, marine engineering components company. Over 40 years old, Teignbridge produces its signature custom-designed and produced propellers, for tugs, luxury yachts, fishing trawlers and ferries. DOWNLOAD[PDF 3,29 MO]

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