BLADE 3.4.2

  • Added One.4 with the following material profiles for PEX FR 1mm and PEX FR 0.6mm:
    • Pro HT
    • HI-TEMP
    • HI-TEMP-CF
    • PLX
    • BVOH
    • PLA
  • Added PRO.2 with the same material profiles as PRO.1
  • Renamed Printers ONEv3->ONE.3, STUDIO G2->STUDIO.2, PRO 1.1->PRO.1
  • Activated FW 2.0 for PRO.1. A patch is not needed anymore. Though a patch is needed now for PRO.1 printers with older FW.
  • Increased minimum size of the Prime Tower
  • Materials:
    • All Systems: Updated BVOH for better overall performance
    • PRO.1/PRO.2 ACE 1.0: Added ASA-BVOH bundle for ACE 1mm extruders for improved compatibility
    • PRO.1/PRO.2 ACE 0.6: Added PA12-CF

Patch for PRO.1 and Firmware 1.x:
Please apply the patch if you have Blade 3.4.2 or newer and a PRO.1 with a Firmware 1.x

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