BLADE 3.7.2 Released!

  • Software Improvements
    • Better error reporting
    • Added 3D mouse plugin (
    • Fixed issue with GCODE hashing
  • PRO.1 and PRO.2
    • Improved material profile: PA12-CF
  • ONE.4
    • Added PEX 2mm: A 2mm nozzle for the ONE.4
    • Improved PEX FR 0.6mm: added multiple new profiles
    • Improved PEX FR 1mm: added multiple new profiles
  • STUDIO.2
    • Added 1mm: Added a 1mm nozzle option for PLA, HI-TEMP and HI-TEMP-CF

BLADE 3.6.0 Released!

  • Update to Cura 4.13
    • Improved UI
    • Exported projects now contain a thumbnail
    • Improved seam placement
    • Improved theme
  • PRO.1
    • JUMPSTART Upgrade Kit support: Custom material profiles depending on the selected print surface
      • Polyimide (not upgraded)
      • SWITCHPLATE (after JUMPSTART upgrade)
    • Layer height can be changed manually
    • New material profile: TPU
    • Improved material profile: PA6/66
    • Improved profile: HI-TEMP-CF
      • Added 0.2mm layer height for ACE 0.6mm
  • PRO.2
    • Improved overall performance and print quality
    • Layer height can be changed manually
    • Improved profile: PA6/66
    • Improved material profile: HI-TEMP-CF
      • Added 0.2mm layer height for ACE 0.6mm
    • Improved profile: PETG
      • Added 0.2mm layer height for ACE 0.6mm
    • Improved material profile: TPU

BLADE 3.5.0

  • Update to Cura 4.12
    • Improved UI
    • Better surfaces by using monotonic ordering
    • Faster startup times
  • Speed management
    • Speed is now calculated during the slicing process and dynamically adapted based on the (non-fixed) line width and layer height
    • Speed values were replaced with upper speed limits, which do not take into account extruder flow rate limits
    • Introduced the "Maximal Print Speed Estimation" which shows the maximum speed based extruder flow rate limits for fixed line width and layer height
  • Fixes in mixed mode and multi layer brim
  • Materials:
    • Added: PRO.1/PRO.2 ACE 1.0/0.6 LH06: TPU and PLA
    • Improved: PRO.1/PRO.2 ACE 0.6 LH03: PA6/66

BLADE 3.4.2

  • Added One.4 with the following material profiles for PEX FR 1mm and PEX FR 0.6mm:
    • Pro HT
    • HI-TEMP
    • HI-TEMP-CF
    • PLX
    • BVOH
    • PLA
  • Added PRO.2 with the same material profiles as PRO.1
  • Renamed Printers ONEv3->ONE.3, STUDIO G2->STUDIO.2, PRO 1.1->PRO.1
  • Activated FW 2.0 for PRO.1. A patch is not needed anymore. Though a patch is needed now for PRO.1 printers with older FW.
  • Increased minimum size of the Prime Tower
  • Materials:
    • All Systems: Updated BVOH for better overall performance
    • PRO.1/PRO.2 ACE 1.0: Added ASA-BVOH bundle for ACE 1mm extruders for improved compatibility
    • PRO.1/PRO.2 ACE 0.6: Added PA12-CF

Patch for PRO.1 and Firmware 1.x:
Please apply the patch if you have Blade 3.4.2 or newer and a PRO.1 with a Firmware 1.x

BLADE 3.4 Released

  • Multilayer Brim to reduce warping: Please check setting "Brim Width" resp. "Brim Line Count"
  • Added certification for easier uninstallation
  • Batch-Arrangement: Optimized arrangement for better accessibility (PRO/ONE)
  • Fixes for infill speed changes
  • Materials:
    • PRO ACE 1.0/LH06: HI-TEMP CF + BVOH
    • ONE PowerExtruder 1mm: HI-TEMP CF LH:03,04,05,06
    • ONE PowerExtruder 0.6mm: HI-TEMP CF LH:03
    • STUDIO (G2): HI-TEMP-CF (Update)


  • Update to Cura 4.8
    • Much better object cloning
  • Added certification for easier installation
  • Renamed PRO Early 2020 to PRO 1.1 (affects only new added printers)
  • Fixed crashes in gcode preview
  • Fixed missing Tree Support
  • Automatic Batch Arrangement when Auto Orientation is used, also moves models onto the bed
  • Prime Tower Configurator:
    • Set default position of the Prime Tower for the STUDIOs to the right
    • Increase minimum size of the Prime Tower
  • Materials:
    • Added HI-TEMP CF for ACE 0.6mm
    • Added improved ASA and BVOH profiles for combined dual extrusion
    • Improved PA6/66 profiles for Studio G2


  • GCode Preview
    • Seams 2.0 (nicer/ much faster)
    • File Preview: Dual extrusion/Sequential Printing
  • Bug Fixes
    • Visualize contact faces again
    • Made "Prime Tower Configurator" settings visible
  • Materials
    • ONE PEX 1.0/LH06: PLA Ultralight
    • Studio G2 0.6/LH03: PLA Ultralight
    • PRO Early 2020 ACE 1.0/LH06: ASA, PA6/66, PRO HT, PETG
    • PRO Early 2020 ACE 0.6/LH03: PETG

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Hall 12.1 - Booth C69
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