Solidworks world 2019 – where possiblilty take form

BigRep joined more than 6,000 makers, doers and innovators and 100 partners in Dallas, Texas at SOLIDWORKS World (SWW) 2019. SWW is a collective experience that inspires and activates your capacity to bring to life ideas that change the world. This year’s theme was “Where Possibility Takes Form” and BigRep showcased some interesting applications of just this.

Possibility taking form with additive

3D printing enables designers to think outside the box and explore possibilities, not just dream them. On display were several examples of prototypes designers created – marine propellers, bike helmets, a headrest from Deutsche Bahn, and the ever popular Formula ONE car display. We also highlighted the end use part that Boyce Technologies is creating for emergency system kiosks in New York. Lastly, we featured the viral sensation – the airless bike tires – but this time, installed them on a bike that you could ride. Press, attendees, and of course our team, each took rides around the booth on it. When we asked what people thought of it, they said, “It’s like riding a bike! But better because your tires will never go flat.”


“That’s your smallest printer?”

Being one of the only large-scale 3D printing providers at SWW really set BigRep apart from the other partners. The sheer size of the BigRep STUDIO on display attracted people to the booth and when we told attendees that this was the smallest printer in our portfolio at a half meter by half meter by a full meter, we were met with both shocked and intrigued looks. Immediately, we could see them start to envision how large-scale 3D printing could help improve their designs and product development.


Materials for your application

BigRep also showcased the full product line-up of BigRep certified materials including PLA, TPU, and the newest PA6/66 (available for the all new PRO). BigRep certified materials allow designers to prototype their designs at full scale in a cost effective way. But a great feature of all BigRep printers is that they are open-source materials, allowing customers to have a choice in what material they use.

Where to next?

Join the BigRep team at AMUG in Chicago from March 31st to April 4 and then on to Detroit for RAPID+TCT, May 21 – 23rd. Check out our full schedule of events around the world online here .

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