3D Printed Sand Casting

Digitize pattern production to sand cast metal parts faster and cheaper with 3D printing

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Sanding casting is a time-tested, reliable method to produce large metal parts. As more and more manufacturers move to digitize their production, many adopt 3D printing as part of their upgraded process. Traditional sand casting requires a 2D drawing to be translated and fabricated by a highly skilled pattern maker, which can be slow and expensive. Alternatively, some manufacturers turn to CNC milling to produce their patterns, but this method can not create certain complex geometries and wastes a lot of material. 3D printing, and specifically large-scale BigRep machines, can speed up and automate production while reducing costs and breaking free of traditional production chains.

Advanced Applications with
3D Printed Sand Casting Patterns

BigRep 3D Printers are a perfect solution to produce large metal parts, such as propellers and hydrants. See how BigRep customers use 3D printed sand casting patterns for fastercheaper production and prototyping.

sand casting pattern reference

JC Steele modernizes the "lost art" of traditional pattern making using CAD and BigRep 3D printers.

sand casting pattern reference 2
Kennedy Valve, Pattern

Kennedy Valve saves $13,000 by 3D printing patterns and tooling in-house, with the added benefits of on-demand and agile production.

CJR Propulsion, Propeller

3D printing helps CJR Propulsion maintain its competitive edge in customized, high-performance marine propellers while pushing innovation.


Australian Bell unlocks new frequencies for bell casting using large-format 3D Printing

Metso Outotec, Pattern

Metso Outotec saves 70% of tooling costs in metal casting using BigRep 3D Printers

Severstal, Cast

Severstal replaces the time-consuming process of making sand casting patterns out of wood.

How to Produce 3D Printed Sand Casting Patterns 

Using 3D printed patterns will modernize and simplify the first phases of sand casting, particularly when producing complex geometries. The first step is to design and print the pattern. For reverse engineering projects, it is also possible to scan existing components to create the 3D model. If the object to be sand casted is larger than BigRep print volume (1m3 on the BigRep ONE, for example) then it can be printed in parts and assembled after. If needed, the 3D printed pattern can be post-processed with a variety of methods.

The remaining steps are standard sanding casting processes. The printed pattern is then packed with sand and removed from the mold. Molten metal is poured into the mold cavity and the final part can be polished and post processed as needed.

Step 1


3D Print the pattern

Step 2


Post-process the pattern (if needed)

Step 3


Create the sand mold

Step 4


Remove the pattern from the mold and pour metal

Step 5


Post-process the metal cast (if needed)

"Pattern making is pretty much a lost art, with 3D printing we can just design our parts in CAD and go straight from that to a pattern."

Chris Watts, Pattern Shop Supervisor at JC Steele & Sons

“Having replaced a dated process that required machine milling, we have saved about 22% of previous expenses. An incredible $13,000 USD in one case.”

Jacob Brueckman, Product Engineer at Kennedy Valve

"BigRep has given us the ability to manufacture highly accurate patterns rapidly, which means we can better meet the needs of our customers. We're proud to use the latest technical innovations to provide industry-leading service for customers and it's a pleasure to work with BigRep who share the same ethos."

Alex Stevens, Technical Sales Manager at CJR Propulsion

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