Blade 2.2.1

  • BigRep PRO: Fixed wrong feeder settings which randomly occur
  • BigRep PRO: Removed Quality Preset setting
  • BigRep STUDIO G2: Added Materials PET-CF, ASA, ABS
  • BigRep STUDIO G2: Changed BVOH settings
  • Disabled other languages apart from English

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Blade 2.2.0

  • Updated to CuraEngine 4.4
  • Make installer usable for Windows 7
  • Materials:
    • BigRep STUDIO G2: Added BVOH
    • BigRep STUDIO: Added PET
  • Profiles:
    • BigRep PRO: Added 0.3 mm layer height for MXT with PA6/66, revised 0.6 layer height settings
  • Put CustomSupportPlugin back in
  • Adjust settings dependencies and limits
  • BigRep PRO: Revised and optimized build volume

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Blade 2.1.0

  • Added splash screen
  • Batch Printing Plugin: Enhancements
    • Place the first part in the front of the printer (not in the back which is the old behavior).
    • Added 90-degree rotation to optimize the "sequential" part. Can be disabled by "Batch Printing 90deg Rotation".
  • Added Mesh tool plugin: Split geometries and check geometries
  • Gcode
    • Added model information to gcode
    • Added weights to gcode
  • Added Kapton marks to the print bed of BigRep PRO and BigRep ONE.
  • Added FAQ and "Report a Bug" to menu
  • Materials:
    • BigRep STUDIO: Added PLX
  • BigRep STUDIO/BigRep STUDIO G2: Changed combing mode to "Within Infill" and infill pattern to "ZigZag" to overcome shifting problems.
    This might cause slightly higher (up to 5%) print time and material usage.
  • Made Blade compatible with old computers.

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  • First official release. Leaving the Beta phase
  • Stability optimizations for prime towers
  • Changed internal paths to resolve Ultmikare Cura interferences
  • 2mm Power Extruder Profile: TPU (various fixes)
  • Revised EULA and license agreements
  • BigRep Pro: Update to Firmware v1.5.
    This is breaking change. BigRep Pros with older firmware versions are not supported any more.
  • Installer: Changed installation directory to "Program Files"
  • Removed "Marketplace" menu entry
  • Added BigRep BVOH to ACE as support material
  • Added BigRep PLX to ONE Power Extruder 1mm and STUDIO G2


  • Batch Printing Plugin/Mixed Mode
    Please try out: Menu->Extensions -> “Batch Printing”
  • 2mm Power Extruder Profile: PLA/Pro HT/PETG (various fixes)
  • Auto orientation:
  • Blade update notifications
  • BigRep PRO: Renamed PowerExtruder to ACE
    This is a breaking change and old files may not work anymore!
  • BigRep PRO: Gcode preview
  • Minor UI changes/ Adjusted basic mode and introduced expert mode


  • Fixed: Print with second extruder only
  • Fixed: Deal with non-ASCII characters on ONE/STUDIO
  • Compatible with new BigRep Pro firmware
  • Adjustable flowrate
  • Updated: Dual Extrusion: Prime tower
  • Added: Export Machine and Extruder settings to gcode
  • Added: Tandem mode for ONE
  • Post Processing: Speed improvements
  • Optimized various settings


  • Optimized settings for BigRep Pro.
  • Removed non officially supported printers.


  • Update to Cura 3.6
    In particular, we have 3d infill: gyroid.
  • Basic support of BigRep One
    • All Extruders and Materials as in Simplify3D (No full support for PVA/TPU and 2mm PE)
  • Basic support of BigRep Studio
    • All Materials as in Simplify3D (No full Support for PVA/TPU)
  • Preliminary support of BigRep Studio Plus


  • Renamed Bigz into BigRep Blade
  • BigRep Pro: Flow rate and print speed can be set independently from each other.
  • Support is officially supported.
  • Dual extrusion is officially supported.
  • Better seams.
  • Auto-Orientation and Custom-Support added.
  • Better housing for BigRep One.

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