From 3D Scanning to 3D Printing – Finding 3D Solutions in Florida

When it comes to finding an individual solution for various Floridian industries, NeoMetrix is a go-to name, providing 3D scanning and engineering services. Surrounded by around 19,000 manufacturing companies, they have found a way to stand out in this sunshine state. Being active in a handful of major industries and knowing how important it is to understand the specific needs of their customers, they were bound to be a great fit for the BigRep reseller network.

It has been 15 years since Dan Perreault launched NeoMetrix Technologies, Inc. As the President & CEO of this Orlando-based company, he started out as a reseller of one of the world’s leading producers of 3D scanners and providing engineering services.  His experienced team offers a range of services and supplies from scanning and tooling to prototyping and designing.


Perreault describes the company as a solution-oriented organization. “We don’t want to sell boxes, we want to offer real solutions to companies,” he said. In terms of improving their productivity, the BigRep printer gives them not only larger format prints, but also reduced costs of materials, compared with other filament providers. For NeoMetrix, the BigRep STUDIO has turned out to be the perfect tool for expanding their cooperation with customers. “With BigRep,” Perreault continued, “the overall cost of machine ownership is much lower than competitive systems.   It’s our position that this attribute will allow more customers to take advantage of this technology.”

3d scanning of a statue

Florida is an ideal environment for working in the 3D printing industry, thanks to the broad array of industries operating out of the southern state. Perreault said, “Thinking of Florida you think… theme parks!” Indeed, this magical place opens many windows for large-scale 3D printing. “We definitely have a lot of opportunities in the entertainment industry. There is also a large aerospace presence here too.” In addition to that, NeoMetrix is active in the automotive, manufacturing and education fields, and have a wealth of experience working on projects for art and sculpture-making using 3D scanning and printing technologies.

The importance of having the knowledge and experience in the 3D scanning industry cannot be understated – it has helped make NeoMetrix one of the 3D leaders in Florida. It’s not only their excellent service in a diverse range of fields that makes them unique in the market, but also the customer-focused attitude they have. The depth of understanding their customers’ values and demands has put them in the perfect position to demonstrate the business benefits that come from large-scale 3D printing.

“We want to understand what it is customers want to do, how are they doing it now, and how we can help them do it better – and perhaps the BigRep way.”


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