BigRep Innovation Award Winner Announced

Quebec City architecture student Sandrine Héroux, from the Université Laval, has been announced as the winner of the inaugural BigRep Innovation Award, including a $3,000 cash prize and her design printed on the BigRep ONE 3D printer.

The contest, organized by Berlin-based BigRep and Halifax-based NOVACAD Systems, was open to students across Canada to design a chair for 3D printing. Ms Héroux’s design for a 3D-printed stool, named “Sans Modération”, is an aesthetically original and FFF-inspired furniture design that the jury announced today as the winning entry.

Of the Innovation Award and her own church-vault-inspired design, second-year Masters student Ms Héroux said, “This contest was the perfect opportunity to push the boundaries of 3D printing and to think about this manufacturing process on a whole new scale, which is possible thanks to the BigRep ONE's printing volume. “Sans Modération” was born of my interest in digital design and fabrication, and new technologies.”

The design demonstrated a strong understanding of the potential of 3D printing, and of the BigRep ONE large-scale printer. It uses the dual extrusion capacity of the ONE to create a complex structure that has its own unique aesthetics. It starts from a simple geometric form from the top and turns into an abstract pattern when looking from the side.

bigrep innovation award winner
Side view of the Sans Modération

Competition jury member Amir Fattal, Head of Marketing & Creative Projects at BigRep, said of the decision, “We were blown away by the caliber of entries, which made the final decision all the more difficult. In the end, Sandrine’s design was a clear winner for us because of its fulfilment of all criteria, especially that it is a chair design only possible with FFF.”

Making up the four-person jury panel were: Artist and 3D printing expert, Lindsay Lawson; Architect and Professor at Dalhousie University, Brian Lilley; VP at NOVACAD Systems in Halifax, Gregor Ash; and BigRep’s Head of Marketing and Creative Projects, Amir Fattal.

From all entries, 12 finalists were selected to go to a public vote – the vote was to be a consideration for the jury in choosing a final winner, among other criteria.

Ms Héroux will travel to Halifax to accept her prize, learn more about the BigRep ONE 3D printer, and she will also receive a fully post-processed form of her winning stool design, “Sans Modération”. Ms Héroux is team leader of the 3D plastic print team at the school's Fablab, the digital fabrication committee, and says she plans to stand the finished chair in her school’s research group room.

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