BLADE 3.5.0

  • Update to Cura 4.12
    • Improved UI
    • Better surfaces by using monotonic ordering
    • Faster startup times
  • Speed management
    • Speed is now calculated during the slicing process and dynamically adapted based on the (non-fixed) line width and layer height
    • Speed values were replaced with upper speed limits, which do not take into account extruder flow rate limits
    • Introduced the "Maximal Print Speed Estimation" which shows the maximum speed based extruder flow rate limits for fixed line width and layer height
  • Fixes in mixed mode and multi layer brim
  • Materials:
    • Added: PRO.1/PRO.2 ACE 1.0/0.6 LH06: TPU and PLA
    • Improved: PRO.1/PRO.2 ACE 0.6 LH03: PA6/66
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