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Meet the New ALTRA 280: The Ultimate High-Temp Industrial 3D Printer

The BigRep ALTRA 280, our latest offering, is a fast, reliable, massive, and highly automated high-temperature machine that prints complex production-quality parts in large scale.


3D Printed Chandelier, The Hedron, Outshines Conventional Ceiling Lights

Ben Mickus, an award-winning designer & practising architect, designed & 3D printed “Hedron,” a pendant that’s light years ahead of modern chandeliers.

The BigRep STUDIO for Universities

3D Printing in Education: The BigRep STUDIO Takes Learning Out of the Box

Integrate 3D printing in education with the BigRep STUDIO, a large-scale printer that graduates desktop learning to a professional industrial-grade machine.

Xuberance 3D printed furniture - hero image

Xuberance Breaks the Mold with 3D Printed Furniture and Lifestyle Products

Chinese design service company, Xuberance, creates innovative and sustainable 3D printed furniture and accessories with BigRep’s large-scale 3D printers.

Large 3D Printing Transforms Commercial Vehicle Industry

3D Printing Accelerates Innovation in China’s Commercial Vehicle Industry

China’s commercial vehicle market accounts for over 40% of total global sales.
Playing a key role in China’s success is the industry’s willingness to adopt new disruptive technologies like industrial 3D printing to pave the way for a new generation of production in commercial vehicle manufacturers such as CNHTC.

SAS webinar

3D Printed Spare Parts: On-Demand Solutions for Aerospace, Defense, and Industrial Manufacturing

Learn how 3D-printed spare parts are being leveraged as reliable stand-in solutions in the aerospace, defense, and industrial manufacturing sectors.

Welly Fletcher’s sculpture ‘Trans Time’, an abstract depiction of a lion-like animal printed using a large-format BigRep 3D printer.

Symbiosis of Art and Technology Through Large-Format 3D Printing

US contemporary Artist Welly Fletcher builds a bridge to prehistoric cave art with a Large-Format 3D printed sculpture made with the BigRep ONE.

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Finished to Perfection: Post Processing Techniques for 3D Printed Car Parts

Post processing techniques for the automotive aftermarket involve sequential steps that make the 3D printed part’s surface structurally robust and visually aesthetic.

Learn how to perfectly finish and achieve superior prints for a range of car customizations.

The 3D-printed rotor blades at TU Berlin designed by  Jörg Alber, and Laurin Assfalg with a BigRep machine.

3D Printing Powers Wind Turbine Research at TU Berlin

Re-engineering massive 80-meter wind turbine blades in a lab might seem like a monumental task but not for the Ph.D. students at TU Berlin who turned to 3D printing.

3D printed tooling for vestas windmills.jpg

Winds of Change for Vestas: 3D Printed Tooling Transforms Wind Turbines

When Vestas needed to replace the jigs and fixtures that help construct their towering wind turbines, 3D printed tooling delivered where traditionally manufactured metal ones failed.

Learn how the renewable energy giant leverages 3D printing for tooling, sustainable manufacturing processes and beyond.

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