Carbon Fiber 3D Printing

Carbon Fiber 3D Printing: Everything You Need To Know

Plastics reinforced with either chopped or continuous carbon fiber offer engineering-grade performance with all the benefits of 3D printing.

But what are these materials, what advantages do they offer, where are they best used, and how can you work with them?


What Are the Benefits of Autocalibration?

Calibrating your print can be time-intensive and costly. Our guide handily explains the benefits on autocalibration on the PRO.


3D Printing Saves Time and Money as Airbus Innovates R&D Processes

Your inside guide into how large format 3D Printing helps the aerospace industry, including Airbus, discover design perfection.

Makerspace BigRep

Koehler Group Promotes Innovations and Lends MakerSpace a Large Format 3D Printer from BigRep

UnternehmerTUM’s MakerSpace will use newly loaned 3D printer from BigRep and Koehler for designing prototypes.

BLADE 3.6.1 Released!

Fix tandem mode issues with improved GCODE formatting Download Installer Download Source Code

3D Print Speed

3D Printer Speed: What You Need to Know

Finding the balance between speed and quality is crucial when creating objects with 3D printing. We have the complete guide to AM print speed in FFF.

BLADE 3.6.0 Released!

Update to Cura 4.13 Improved UI Exported projects now contain a thumbnail Improved seam placement Improved theme PRO.1 JUMPSTART Upgrade Kit support: Custom material profiles depending on the selected print surface Polyimide (not upgraded) SWITCHPLATE (after JUMPSTART upgrade) Layer height can be changed manually New material profile: TPU Improved material profile: PA6/66 Improved profile: HI-TEMP-CF … Read more


Atnom is Going to the Next Industrial Level with the BigRep PRO

ATNOM is one of the leading research and development centers for renewable solutions in Romania, such as high-performance lithium batteries for industrial and automotive applications. They recently acquired the industrial 3D printer BigRep PRO.


6 Time Factors About the BigRep PRO

In November 2021, we launched a newer and more powerful BigRep PRO, also known as the PRO.2.
Our focus? EASE-OF-USE. This blog post lists 6 time factors about the BigRep PRO to better understand this 3D Printer’s potential.

3D Printed Molds for Jet Engine Covers

3D Printing Produces Engine Covers to Accelerate Aircraft Maintenance

How a specialized local engineering company supported a major airline during the pandemic with jet engine covers made with 3D printed molds.

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