Factory inspection

How to Overcome Six Common Manufacturing Challenges

Whether you are an experienced manufacturer or a new entrepreneur, the business landscape is continually evolving with greater acceleration and more significant changes. Learn about six manufacturing challenges producers face and how you can ensure success for your business.

3D Printed Illuminated Sign

How to 3D Print Channel Letters and Signs

Channel letter manufacturers face a rapidly changing industry landscape. Traditional methods are reliable, but 3D printing offers a new level of efficiency and customization. By adopting 3D printing, manufacturers can enhance production speed, reduce costs, and meet diverse client demands.

BLADE 3.7.2 Released!

Software Improvements Better error reporting Added 3D mouse plugin ( Fixed issue with GCODE hashing PRO.1 and PRO.2 Improved material profile: PA12-CF ONE.4 Added PEX 2mm: A 2mm nozzle for the ONE.4 Improved PEX FR 0.6mm: added multiple new profiles Improved PEX FR 1mm: added multiple new profiles STUDIO.2 Added 1mm: Added a 1mm nozzle … Read more

3D Printed Weir in Hydraulics Lab at Helmut Schmidt University

How 3D Printing is Changing Hydraulic Engineering

Ever wondered how top hydraulic engineers optimize river systems without real-world risks? Step into the advanced hydraulics lab at Helmut Schmidt University. Here, Dr. Mario Oertel and his team are transforming weir designs with the BigRep ONE 3D printer, turning digital concepts into tangible prototypes swiftly.

Gyroid Infill Pattern

The Power of Gyroid Infill in 3D Printing: Strength, Efficiency, Precision

Improve your 3D prints with gyroid infill, a structure that strengthens, lightens, and enhances design. This guide covers benefits, strategies, and applications to help you achieve the best results.
You’ll learn: What is gyroid infill? Advantages of gyroid infillHow to use gyroid infill.

Audi Car Seat by Braunschweig students "Concept Breathe"

Students Bring “Breathing” Audi Car Seat to Life with 3D Printing

Innovative design ideas and 3D printing are enhancing vehicle seating. “Concept Breathe,” a collaboration between Braunschweig University, Audi, and BigRep, is an example of this trend.

BigRep ONE Large-Format 3D Printer

How to Choose Which Features You Need on the Modular BigRep ONE 3D Printer

This guide will explain factors that make a design well-suited for 3D printing, and introduce DfAM principles to maximize your 3D printing results.

BLADE 3.6.2

PRO.1 and PRO.2 New material profile: PA12-CF Added ACE TC 0.6mm: A new Tungsten Carbide nozzle for use with PA12-CF (HMI v2.9.0 needed) Download Installer Download Source Code


SFM Technology Create the First Helicopter Blade Restraint Cradle With 3D Printing Technology

Urgently requested to provide cradles for helicopters, SFM Technology turned directly to the BigRep PRO.

CDM Studio Shark Model

CDM:Studio on Bringing Sharks to Life with The BigRep ONE

CDM: Studio explain how the BigRep ONE significantly reduced production times when it came to providing sharks for the Australian museum.

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