Atnom is Going to the Next Industrial Level with the BigRep PRO

ATNOM is one of the leading research and development centers for renewable solutions in Romania, such as high-performance lithium batteries for industrial and automotive applications, has recently acquired the industrial 3D printer BigRep PRO.


6 time factors about the BigRep PRO

In November 2021, we launched a newer and more powerful BigRep PRO, also known as the PRO.2.
Our focus? EASE-OF-USE. This blog post lists 6 time factors about the BigRep PRO to better understand this 3D Printer’s potential.

3D Printed Molds for Jet Engine Covers

3D printing produces engine covers to accelerate aircraft maintenance

How a specialized local engineering company supported a major airline during the pandemic with jet engine covers made with 3D printed molds.

BLADE 3.5.0 Released!

Update to Cura 4.12 Improved UI Better surfaces by using monotonic ordering Faster startup times Speed management Speed is now calculated during the slicing process and dynamically adapted based on the (non-fixed) line width and layer height Speed values were replaced with upper speed limits, which do not take into account extruder flow rate limits … Read more

BigRep FLOW still 02

BigRep Introduces BigRep FLOW, an End-to-End Solution for Production Aids

BigRep FLOW is a new customizable SaaS solution that makes application engineering for 3D printed jigs, fixtures, and manufacturing aids easier than ever, with no design skills or 3D printing experience required.

Generative design: Introduction

A Short Introduction to Generative Design

Imagine you could create thousands of options for a single design the push of a button and then you just pick the best option! Generative design makes this possible.


Design innovative mountain bikes using 3D printing 

Canyon reinvents the mountain bike by combining efficiency and sustainability. New frame geometries are designed using topology optimization. Now thanks to large scale 3D printers, engineers can hold their creations in their hands within a few days.


How CNC Machining and 3D Printing Can Work Together in your Shop

Do you ask yourself if CNC machining or 3D printing is the better manufacturing process? The answer is simple: “It depends!”
Let us give you an overview of what 3D printing can do for you, and how you can best combine both processes.

Considerations for Purchasing a Large-Format 3D Printer

6 Considerations for Purchasing a Large-Format 3D Printer

There are several factors to consider before purchasing a large format 3D printer. It is important to understand your application, your part usage, the material requirements, software required, how the print will be supported and budget.
Let’s jump in and review the top 6 considerations before purchasing a large-format 3D printer (like BigRep).

BLADE 3.4.2

Added One.4 with the following material profiles for PEX FR 1mm and PEX FR 0.6mm: Pro HT HI-TEMP HI-TEMP-CF PLX BVOH PLA Added PRO.2 with the same material profiles as PRO.1 Renamed Printers ONEv3->ONE.3, STUDIO G2->STUDIO.2, PRO 1.1->PRO.1 Activated FW 2.0 for PRO.1. A patch is not needed anymore. Though a patch is needed now … Read more

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