BigRep & YES01 Team Up at Inside3DPrinting, Seoul

An exciting event has come to an end in the South Korean capital Seoul, with the close of the Inside3DPrinting conference and exhibition. Held between June 27-29 at the Korea International Exhibition Center (KINTEX) in Seoul, this year’s event was themed around ‘Strategies for the 3D Ecosystem’. We joined our Korean reseller YES01 at their booth, where visitors were able to see a BigRep STUDIO in action and view a range of industrial 3D-printed samples.

BigRep CEO Stephan Beyer was invited as a speaker and presented BigRep technology yesterday, on Day Two of the conference, on the topic ‘Additive Manufacturing in Transportation’. He spoke to a full room about BigRep’s large-scale 3D printing solutions and how the machines enable a host of cutting-edge applications in industrial contexts. For example, Deutsche Bahn’s use of BigRep technology in developing end-use parts, as well as demonstration of this by automotive customization company Paravan, and Aalborg University’s production of a bicycle frame using the BigRep ONE.

Beyer also delved into BigRep’s work with Etihad Airways Engineering in defining a roadmap for Additive Manufacturing solutions for the aerospace industry. He talked to the crowd about the BigRep R&D philosophy of having applications informing materials, which then informs machine development. The importance of this, he explained, lies in ensuring BigRep’s large-scale machines fulfil the needs of companies to create industrial-grade prints, such as for production tooling, of rapid manufacturing of jigs and fixtures.

BigRep's team @Inside3DPrinting

Some questions followed, one about 3D printing for the aviation industry and materials certification required for it. Given BigRep and Etihad are working together on solving the challenges in this field, it was an especially relevant question, which Beyer addressed in the frame of BigRep’s development of flame-retardant materials suitable for aircraft.

Beyer also did several interviews with Korean press, for a TV station, a magazine and online news site ZDnet. BigRep conducted a media conference with numerous outlets present.

There was high traffic to the booth throughout the event, with visitors stopping to watch the large print of the electrical box that progressed on the STUDIO printer. Passers-by were representatives from a wide range of sectors including education, transportation, construction and even the industrial lighting industry stopped by the booth to find out more.

One major global automotive company approached the booth saying that they have small and mid-sized 3D printers, but are looking for large-scale solutions to make their process more efficient. A few aerospace companies also sought BigRep out, enquiring after the potential of BigRep technology to print end-use parts with high-tech capabilities.

Alex Hodik, BigRep’s General Manager for the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, works out of the BigRep Singapore office and was in Seoul for Inside3DPrinting. We caught up with him to find out more about the top trends he noticed throughout the event, and what to watch for in 3D printing in APAC and globally.

BigRep's CEO Stefan Beyer @ Inside3DPrinting

“We were one of the only large-scale providers at the event, so it’s clear that there is still a huge number of smaller-scale machines. In this sense, we are very much ahead of the curve in presenting viable large-scale manufacturing options to customers in this market,” said Hodik.

“Korea is a territory representing all applications and industries applicable to 3D printing, and very representative overall of Asia as a market,” said Hodik, referring to the highly industrial needs of many of the market countries. “It was an important event for us to meet customers and potential resellers, as we continue to ramp up our partner network in the region.”

Hodik and the dedicated BigRep team in Singapore supports 15 distributors – a number that continues to grow rapidly in the APAC region.

Inside3DPrinting is the largest global 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing Event series focused on innovation, manufacturing and expansion of the latest cutting edge technologies. The event is punctuated by an impressive bill of speakers, all leading their fields in additive manufacturing and adjacent spaces. With an international audience of over 10,000 people, the conference and exhibition is a major industry on the world calendar.

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