BigRep ONE defines new standards and offers diverse application possibilities for large-scale 3D printing.

Creativity and Efficiency

Being able to produce prototypes quickly and cost-efficiently opens up new development and design possibilities for industrial users. With the BigRep ONE it is possible to manufacture a large number of iterations without incurring high costs. This means better products and a shorter development time.

Fast and easy to use

Large-scale 3D printing can be used for a wide range of tasks, such as the designing and testing of full-featured technical prototypes in a short time. You can print your models or parts after simple instruction and the prints can then be immediately processed or installed in another model.

Post Processing of Prints

Sometimes a 3D print result serves as a blank. Objects printed with FFF can be treated and refined in various ways, for example by improving or modifying their surfaces or by using objects as positive or negative forms for molding processes.

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Use Cases

Race Car Moulding

RD Uses Cases Car2

We were approached by a team from HTW Berlin Motorsports looking for a partner to 3D print a mould for their race car.

Bamboo-style Bathroom Tiles


Small series production is often mentioned as one of the most promising 3D printing applications. With the BigRep ONE we looked at how this could change the tiling industry.

Children’s Lamp


3D printing is revolutionizing the manufacturing industry and is in the process of replacing many other production methods.

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