Announcing a Major UI Update (v. 0.7.1 ) 

Dear BigRep Customers and fans. After several months of work, internal tests and testing together with our alpha customer, we are happy to announce a new UI with a new back-end from BigRep. With the upcoming  release of the STUDIO, we have decided standardize on a new look and a new control system that can work across multiple product families.

The most visible change is that we are using modern web technologies and design guides for making a clear and easy interface. To do this we have also adjusted to using Octoprint as the back-end of our new UI. This also means that we will validate and use more existing tools for the interface when they exist. This also allows us to put custom technologies in private plug ins; and means less time doing small bugfixes and boilerplate work, and more time making product-specific features.  Furthermore is the new UI also simpler easier to use and much more stable than our old UI that we have been delivered with the printer for the last years.

Existing BigRep ONE.3 customers (The new UI is not yet available for the 1.2)  that would like to update, please contact [email protected] to schedule a phone or Skype call with our software team. We want to make sure you have all of your questions answered, since this is a somewhat major update! To download a new manual, please go to the support portal, and download  the updated manual here (login required).

New BigRep ONE.3 machines (Shipped from May 2017 on), and our new STUDIO machine will ship with the new software by default.

Here is a shot-list of new features:

  • • Resume from power outage
  • • Better/clearer UI
  • • Built-in software update tool
  • • Improve path-planning firmware, 10% machine speed improvement
  • • Once a print is completed, exact print-time logged for future display
  • • Local network Web UI for loading files and tracking print progress
  • • Easier pre-heat and configuration options.
  • • ... and lots lots more !

Contact us to book your upgrade spot today: [email protected]

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